First Steps

From the fireplace to the couch, six or seven steps is as far as Levi is comfortable walking... for now.  In a way, I'm grateful for his indifferent interest for walking.  He's allowed me to savor his babyhood just a little longer.  But this next phase is sneaking in fast.  How strange {and fun} it will be to have two children running circles around me!

On another note, I feel like I was on vacation all week!  Bron went on a business related fishing trip to Washington, so I spontaneously decided to visit Momma Nelson with the boys.  We turned our time together into a fantastic shopping spree.  It was a blast!  (More on all that later.)  But now all four members of our little family are home safe and sound.  We're looking forward to a wonderful weekend together.  On the agenda: a family bike ride, fresh salmon for dinner, some football watching, s'mores over an open fire, and the church elders' quorum barbeque party hosted at our house (Heaven, let my house still stand!).  Happy Friday!   


  1. Oh be still my heart!! He's so big!! ;)

  2. Aww look at those legs! I love watching kids learn how to walk because the effort takes their WHOLE body, not just their legs haha. Too cute!

  3. He is so proud of himself! It seems so weird to think you won't have a baby anymore!

  4. Way to go Levi! I remember when Jed took his first steps at his birthday party by luring him with a cracker!

  5. Go Levi!!

    P.S. You are super brave having the BBQ at your house, I hope it is still standing too!


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