Shopping and Salmon

Last week Bron flew to Washington for a business related fishing trip.  Tough life, ya?  Bron isn't a fisherman, but he came back all grins.  Good food plus a fight for some big fish made for a memorable trip.  He deserved it too.  With corn harvest here, Bron has been working long hours.  (Though it's nothing compared to you poor wives whose husbands actually run the choppers and trucks!  Boo.)  Some of this beautiful pink salmon arrived on my doorstep packed on ice Friday.  It's delicious!
^^Bron's exciting 20lb catch^^

So while Bron and his colleagues were working playing hard, I concocted a last minute plan of my own.  Honestly, I handle Bron being gone one night a week pretty well, but three nights (equals me four days alone and husband-less) just isn't very fun.  Luckily Momma Nelson was more than happy to accommodate her grandsons and me.  The boys and I drove to Ririe, Idaho on Tuesday--with a pit-stop at Rupe's in Blackfoot for lunch--and came back Thursday.  We girls turned the three day trip into a mad shopping spree!  It was sooo much fun.  Last week was a vacation.

So let me tell you a horrible little story about shopping with two little boys... 

Whilst shopping at Ross on Tuesday night, Merri Sue whisked our two little impatient shoppers from the dressing room.  While I quickly dressed, Levi began wailing and Jed choked on a piece of hard candy.  Thankfully, he got it up himself.  I came out to see Merri Sue's hand cupped and full with vomit while holding a screaming Levi in the other arm.  I dropped everything to help her just as Jed threw up all the contents of his stomach all over the shopping cart and the floor.  Ugh.  I'm not sure we or any of the store attendees knew what to do at that moment!  So I whisked Jed into the bathroom while Merri Sue got Levi calmed down and the vomit cleaned up a bit.  Lucky for Jed, I carry an extra set pants for him in my bag.  (That's actually the fourth time I've used them this summer!)  Everything turned out okay.  I even bought two new shirts!  (I suppose we owed the store at least that.)  But it was a shopping nightmare come true.  Needless to say, we hired a babysitter for Jed and my nieces the next day and went shopping without them!

Anyhow, I love how our trips to the Nelson Dairy seem to follow a pattern.  The kids play with Grandma's cool toys all morning, we somehow always seem to celebrate a birthday, and we usually spend some time outside visiting the cows or walking through the beautiful cottonwoods.  It's sweet and simple and comforting.

^^Jed playing with Grandma's potato head toys first thing in the morning^^
^^Jed and Leah watching cartoons.  These cousins are best friends.^^
^^Shopping on Wednesday with just Levi in tow.  He's crazy.  We were surprised at how many boutiques there are in Rexburg.^^
^^Amber showing off her new sun hat^^
^^Celebrating Garret's 23rd Birthday!^^
^^Cake + Ice Cream = Yum!^^
^^A little hike through the cottonwoods to the river on Thursday.  So pretty!^^
^^The dog with her bone... er, cow leg.  Impressive Sandy but very gross!^^
^^Grandma with Leah and Jed.  They sure love their grandma!^^
^^Old snail shells became prized finds^^
^^Just another really cute picture of these cousins^^     

Thanks for the memorable visit!  I'm so happy I married into this awesome family.

P.S.  Is anyone else sick of all these pesky flies?  It's Lord of the Flies Level 11 around here.  I'm actually looking forward to a frost.  Die, flies, die!


  1. It cracks me up. I just saw that you posted on my blog to tell me that you came and snooped on me. It cracks me up because after reading your comment on Jess's blog, I snooped on you! Great minds think alike I guess! :) Thank you for your comment, your family is beautiful and if you don't mind, I think I'll start following your blog along with Jess's! :)

  2. I totally agree with you, we need a mega freeze to kill all the flies! I'm about ready to hit myself with the flyswatter!

  3. I chased a fly around almost all week last week and when I finally was able to smash it I did a serious happy dance and my kids just stared at me like I was an alien!


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