Baby's First Haircut

Yesterday my friend Amy came over to give Levi his very first haircut.  It was time.  He had a mullet and his curls were starting to lay flat.  I'm glad Bron let me take my sweet time and make this decision on my own.  I know it's only hair and it grows back, but Levi's hair was so curly and gosh darn cute!  I just wasn't quite ready to let those curls go!  Plus, I knew once his hair was cut short he'd look a lot older.  Who knew I could be so attached to hair?!?  But somehow I came to terms with it all and let some scissors work their magic.  (A first haircut has to be documented, you know.)

^^How Levi felt about having his hair cut until...
...we gave him a sucker.  All better!^^

And now he's the most handsome baby on the block!  (In my humble opinion.)  Yes, he looks older and my heart wants to cry a little, but the good news is Levi's hair is still curly!  For now anyway.  I sure do love my baby boy.  Thanks for the haircut, Amy!


  1. I love the haircut-so cute! And I love how often you're posting. I've meant to comment on a lot of them but didn't but I'm constantly agreeing with all of your posts(body image, etc.).

  2. I'm glad his hair is still curly :) he looks so handsome! I can't even tell you how many times I have cut Carter's hair. He has always had a full head of hair and it grows sooo fast! And cutting it is the bane of my existence!!! No lollipop can lull him. Levi is a good boy!

  3. He IS the most handsome baby on the block!! My little boy's hair was blonde and curly like Levi's. Now I have to use gel in his hair to get some of those curls back and his hair is turning darker... I still have some baby hair saved though!! It is hard to part with their hair...agreed.

  4. Suckers make it all better! He looks so grown up, but handsome. She did a great job!


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