Snapshots of Life Lately

We've been soaking in the last weeks of summer close to home and spending as much time outside as possible. Summer was very good to us. We made some wonderful memories. And as much as I hate to see the warm temperatures go, I'm equally giddy about the Fall. Something about sweaters and candles and colorful leaves {and Halloween!} is just good for the soul. Bring it on!

 ^^The little stink loves to climb that ladder and sneak some gulps of my water!  But he's sooo cute about it that I don't stop him.^^
^^These boys worship their dad.
On another note, I have a bad habit of unintentionally dressing them alike.^^
 ^^Weridos.  They're slurping water from the shower floor.  Good thing I'd scrubbed it recently?^^

Introducing some Instagram photos to this series.
I really fell out of the habit of keeping my camera handy these last weeks because well, I have a brand new smart phone.  It's like a new toy!  Unfortunately, it can actually be classified as a "dumb" smartphone.  Hey, I'm only paying $5 more monthly than with my last non-smart phone, so I'm okay with that.  But the camera on this phone really stinks.  I should use it more sparingly than I do.  Oh well.  Go ahead and follow along instead @jessieolean

^^I'm so thankful to have not one but two little boys with whom to start my mornings and bake cookies.^^
^^Levi loooves the strider bike.  I just know he's gonna be trouble.
At the park kicking a ball around one afternoon.  Jed surprised me with his skillz!^^
^^Bike rides and picnics in the backyard.^^
We've been going on a lot of bike rides lately!  Yes, they can both fit in the trailer comfortably, but I like Levi in the seat behind me; the boys are more quiet that way.  And also yes, pulling their weight eleven miles is most definitely a workout!
^^How we all felt about a family outing to OrangeLeaf Saturday night.  Froyo goodness!
The cutest running buddies, Ryan and Levi.  Er, more accurately, their mamas are running buddies.^^
 ^^Yes, we totally did.  Fresh raspberries, peaches, and whipped cream atop a waffle for breakfast.  Mmmm!^^
^^My view from the kitchen window.  Levi is just hanging out in there playing with giant rocks.  No biggie.^^
 ^^Jed chasing me with the hose!  And Jed learning to rollerskate inside the house, of course.^^
 ^^Entranced with the new magnetic chalkboards I made from cookie sheets.  Hooray!  Now for those alphabet letters and we may just have a little preschool learning going on here after all.^^
 ^^Would you look at that happy goober?!  Levi was having a blast helping mow the lawn.^^
^^I sure love this first born of mine.  He's such a good kid.^^
 ^^Our new afternoon (sometimes 10AM) ritual: air popped popcorn.  Jed begs for it.  "Pa-porn pleeease?"  I love how they share that stool in the kitchen.^^

Whew!  I feel like I'm finally getting all caught up!  But you know what the remedy for all that would be?  Take fewer pictures and post less often.  Hmmm... I'll mull that one over later. 


  1. I've decided I need that waffle AND that kitchen window view!!

  2. I do not want summer to go tomorrow say will make summer but as of Friday was just what was given starts raining that sucks. The faces that puts your toddler are good for a laugh. Kisses and happy last Wednesday morning Friday.

  3. Love this! Enjoy every last bit of summer! And I absolutely love the picture of them in the shower, darling!

  4. That Tyke snuggle picture is just too darling!

  5. I'm sorry to see summer go too, but I agree that the fall can be good for the soul... I love the picture of Levi sneaking your water. My son still grabs our stool and sneaks stuff when we're not looking. So far, I've been outsmarting him and finding a new place to hide the cookies every week!


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