Jed's First Haircut

Jed's first haircut.  He has no idea.

My baby was born with a head full of long dark hair. I had a lot of fun spiking it up or combing it into a Mohawk those first weeks. Then Jed’s hair fell out… except for a tuft in the very front and in the back around the collar. He looked like an old man with a comb-over. But that’s okay because babies are supposed to be a little funny looking sometimes. He was still way cute anyway. At last, new hair began growing in. Regardless, the long tuft in front still took all the attention. It was time for a haircut!

Jed’s first haircut just happened to take place on his six month birthday. I was too afraid to cut it myself, but Bron was eager to get it done. A little water, a comb, and a few snips later, Jed’s new do was finished! I think he looks much better. I was afraid my baby would suddenly look like a little boy with a haircut. Fortunately, he still looks like a baby and is even more charming.

Then I cut Bron’s hair that night. He looks much better now too.

Wow. I live with a pair of studs.

Sorry, ladies. They’re mine. 

My handsome boys


  1. That's exactly what happened to Luke and Grady's hair! It was hard to do it, but totally worth it! You've got some good-looking guys!

  2. I love the drool on Jed's chin, too cute!


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