Family Pictures

The Autumn foliage is at its peak!  It takes my breath away.  Bron and I wanted to get some  family pictures done thinking the colors would make a great background.  Our friend, Anna, graciously took a break from work to be our photographer.  I think we both had a lot fun playing with the camera settings and poses and both learned a lot about light.  These are the results.  I think they turned out fantasically!  Thank you, Anna!

My absolute favorite!



Same thing, different crop





A little something less formal



Another favorite.  Jed adores his daddy.

#13 & #14
I kinda like the dreamy look!

I love my little family so much!  My boys are my life.  It's comforting to know that they can be mine forever and always.  I can't think of anything that would make me more happy.

P.S.  If you have any photography suggestions, I'm all ears!


  1. Oh what fun! The fall colors are perfect! I really love #1,3,4,9,11 &14! Great job!

  2. Those are some fun family pictures, and you're right, the lighting is perfect. One of my favorites is the less formal one. You two look completely in love with each other and your family.

  3. I love the last one where you're pinching Bron's bottom :) There's all beautiful!

  4. Oh I love them! Good job using your thirds in some of them! :) I think you guys look like a darling little family. I agree. My boys are everything too. :) I love your boots. You look beautiful (great hair! too!). I miss you! xooxox

  5. What a sweet family you have! The photos are gorgeous! I can't really say what I would do different, but something you could try next time would be to bounce some of that gorgeous lighting on the subjects. You can really bounce light with a white sheet if you have too so anything that can reflect light will do a lot of good. I use a 5 in 1 reflector that I got off of Amazon, it can really make a photo. If that doesn't work for you, in PSE you can brighten the photo and if that makes the background too bright, you just block it with your layer. The key is amazing lighting and and it looks like there was plenty of that :) Congrats on the JOB!! I'm glad you get to have your very own pair of coveralls!

  6. My favorites are 3, 12 and of course 14 ;) Jed's face is adorable in the third picture! I just want to squeese the crap out of him!! You guys are a beautiful family.

  7. WE SHOULD get together and talk baby! haha and when we do ;) you should take family pictures of us! haha These are so great. Did you have someone take them or?
    You have such a cute family!


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