What I learned on Sunday...

1. That God loves the crazies too. I should quit being so sarcastic in church.

2. I live a charmed life. I am well educated, world traveled, and have what I’ve always wanted: a happy marriage, a family of my very own, and big dreams ahead to accomplish. Much of my happiness can be attributed to my amazing husband, Bron. I have to brag, I married well. One of my favorite qualities about Bron is how honest he is. With Bron, what you see is what you get; he doesn’t put on a show for anybody. He is honest with himself. He isn’t a hypocrite, even though he might say he feels like one sometimes. Bron tries so hard. Every day. He honestly tries to do the best he can in every facet of his life: in school, at work, at church, and at home as both a husband and a father. I appreciate that. It’s more than enough. And I feel so lucky!  Bron is a genuinely good guy. I just hope I can be the kind of wife that Bron deserves.

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  1. Nicely said. I've been learning these lessons too. It seems that I need to learn them over and over again. Everytime I find myself wishing that I had new clothes, furniture, ect. I need to remind myself how blessed I really am. It also surprises me how much all of us as humans are alike too. I always have to remind myself that those crazy people have more in common with me than how we are different.


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