Apple Pie

3 Delicious Apple Pies

The only semi-interesting thing I did over the Halloween weekend was make my very first apple pie.

I guess my weekend really started Thursday when Bron left to go to a conference. It was just the baby and me for three days. I had all sorts of plans for late night scrapbooking and playing with Jed, but unfortunately, I got a nasty stomach bug. Jed and I ended up hanging out around the house for two days straight; I think he got a little bored. And there was no scrapbooking either. Note to self: Never watch television around Halloween when your husband is gone! I’m already afraid of being alone in our house by myself at night. I know that we live out in the country and that the chances of any burglar or peeping tom slinking around are slim, but I still worry. It doesn’t help that it’s very dark outside and when the heat kicks on all the walls in our home start to click and clank and even bang. (Yeah, we obviously don’t have central heat.) Plus, the last night Bron was gone there was an animal scratching inside the wall directly above my head. There was no way I was sleeping there! I slept in the other room. So between being sick and paranoid and Jed deciding to wake up every hour to play after 3:30AM two nights in a row, it wasn’t the best weekend. Until…

Saturday night. I was feeling much better and the girls were coming over. We ate crepes for dinner, put Jed to bed, and then started baking and talking and talking and talking. Apparently Anna had a little apple pie business in high school and has made hundreds of them! And she was willing to teach Natasha and me her baking secrets. Anna is a great cook and a great teacher. We made three pies. Just thinking about the amount of butter and sugar we put into them makes my arteries clog, but they were extraordinarily tasty! We baked until after 11:00PM. It was so much fun and sooo delicious!

Thanks, ladies, for such an enjoyable evening! I think we should do it again sometime.

Natasha's model hands

Natasha snitching the crumb topping.  Yum!
Anna taking our pies out of the oven.

The finished product!  Three perfect apple pies.

Ready to go home with their hot pies!

P.S. No, Jed didn’t go trick-or-treating this year. I’m a lame mommy. You see, he has no teeth and can’t eat candy. Furthermore, we live too far out for any ghosts and goblins to come knocking on our door. I didn’t see the need to dress him up without any reason. However, I’m really looking forward to next year!


  1. Yum!! I am totally craving apple pie now, those looked delicious!

  2. Yum! I'll have to get your baking secrets sometime and try making apple pie myself someday! You will have so much fun with Jed next year trick-or-treating. Grady enjoyed it, and I was surprised by how much he understood too. Although, now all he wants to eat is candy all day.


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