Play, Smile, and Slobber

Jed thought it was hilarious to sit on Dad's shoulders and soak his hair with slobber.
I thought it was hilarious too.  Bron was just being a good sport, but I think he liked it.

P.S.  It is really HARD to get a good shot without the flash inside our home.  Any suggestions?  The ISO is at 800, I'm shooting wide open, and the shutter speed has to be at about 1/20.  Yuck!  Or is that the best I can do?  Maybe it's time for a new camera accessory.  haha


  1. So funny! I love it! As far as shooting indoors goes, are you facing a window? During the day, if I am facing a window shooting I'm usually shooting with something like f/2.5 ss 1/200 ISO 400. When it's too dark though, I just put my camera on auto and call it a true snapshot. And yes you need new equiptment!:) We all do!

  2. I'd recommend a flash that has a swivel head. I bought one for $140 and love it for indoor stuff (mostly weddings). you position the flash up so the light goes off the ceiling and bounces on to your family and it looks more natural, more white instead of orange and you can use a higher shutter speed. it's worth the investment, and christmas is right around the corner!

  3. Ours is the same way. We can't get a good picture without the flash being on. It's annoying. Maybe it's time for us to get a new one too! It is 4+ years old.


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