Home Sweet Home

It's official: WE ARE HOMEOWNERS!!!  And up to our eyeballs in debt.  Despite that, we are totally thrilled!  (And a little scared too.  Thoughts about properly caring for a house and yard can be a little overwhelming.  Plus, I'm sure some extra bills will make their way to my new kitchen counter.)  We can't believe that we have a house of our very own.  Isn't this something we've been dreaming of for years?  This is where I will raise my babies and make countless memories.  This is where my children will go to school.  We are surrounded by the people who will become our friends.  This decision affects many years--if not the rest--of our lives.  And it feels great!  Bron carried me over the threshold in celebration.  Then we kissed and I jumped up and down in excitement.  We still can't believe this is ours!  Bron's hard work has finally paid off.


The first time we toured the house, we lingered.  It wasn't perfect, but we really liked it for so many reasons!  We explored every opportunity in the area, but kept coming back to this particular house.  We planned and plotted and finally made an offer.  We signed papers on the morning of Friday October 28th and closed that afternoon, exactly a month to the day after making our first offer.  The credit for that goes to our awesome realtor.  He went above and beyond the call of duty, like crawling under the house to prove to the plumber that there really was a leak and running the water for two hours to clear out the chlorine for a good water sample.  We appreciated his honest opinions and are glad to have a new friend.

Our new home is located out in the country.  To me, Idaho means space: lots of wide open fields and views that go on for miles.  Living in an apartment inside the city made me feel claustrophobic, especially after living on a farm the last four years.  We found our ideal abode five miles south of Kimberly (a 20 minute drive to Twin Falls for grocery shopping).  When we drive over the hill overlooking our little valley it takes my breath away.  It is pure Idaho beauty!  Especially at sunset.

Some House Statistics:

Built in 2004
2195 square feet
Sits on an acre (A BIG yard for Jed!)
3 bedrooms + den
2 bathrooms
Mud room has built in bench and shelves (love it!)
Double OVEN!
Spacious corner pantry
Light fixtures and hardware that we would have picked out ourselves
Lots of windows = lots of beautiful light
Well water and water rights for the lawn (whew!)
Southwest theme with tons of tile (I've heard the tile is great for all sorts of child bodily fluid clean-up)

 The main living areas: Kitchen and Living Room

 Master Bathroom with soak tub and walk-in shower

 Front Courtyard

One of the best things about this house is that we won't need a fence.  There are two enclosed courtyards for entertaining.  Jed already loves to play in the rocks.  I have a hunch that I will find him basking in the fountain naked next summer.

Back Courtyard
Needs a little pruning?

 Our backyard and view of the south hills

 Back View of our home

We are already embarking on some very time-consuming home improvement projects.  We can't wait to move in!  And neither can Jed.  I can barely peel him away from the sand box and his trucks.  What a boy!

A Genuinely Happy Boy
I love this smile!!!


  1. How exciting for you guys!! and I LOVE it.. it looks like the perfect home for you guys. How great that must feel to move onto that next step of home ownership. Have fun moving in, fixing things up, and making it your own! Congrats!!!

  2. oh how beautiful! so happy for ya hon!! :D

  3. AWESOME!!! congrats, having a home is fabulous!!

  4. Wow! What an awesome place! The house looks like it has just the perfect amount of space, and that backyard is to die for! Seriously! The location is AMAZING! Congratulations!

  5. How exciting for the Nelsons!! Looks like there's room for another family addition. =)

  6. Congratulations! The house looks amazing! Kyle and I would love to live more separated from the city as well. So much yard! Love it!

  7. Congratulations on the new home!!!! I can't wait to see pictures after you guys have moved in and have settled:)

  8. Congrats! I'm so excited for you guys :)

  9. congrats! it's beautiful, i love it! buying and moving into a new house is so exciting!!!

  10. So exciting! I love that it has some carpet in with the tile. That will help it to feel cozy when your little ones want to play on the floor. Such a cute house!!!


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