Busy Bees

We've been busy!  Busy getting things together for our home loan, busy shopping for new items to go in said home, busy painting our new home, busy with Halloween, busy with family, busy with life!  It's really been fun!  However, painting trim is the worst kind of busyness there is.  I think it takes just as long to tape around it as it does to paint it!  The detail is excruciating and the trim just seems to go on forever.  I want to pound my head against the wall.  Will it ever end?

Amid our busyness, here are a few pictures and anecdotes from recent weeks that I don't want forgotten:

October 16, 2011 
Jed's most favorite book in the whole wide world is Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever.  It was given to him by his sweetheart, Anna.  I've caught Jed reading it all on his own.  He'd read it all day if he could.

 October 18, 2011
Harry Barry Park.  On a sunny afternoon, it's our favorite place to be.

October 25, 2011
Jed frequently puts both hands up into the air.  It has one of two meanings: "All done!" or "Touchdown!"
Here, both hands in the air meant "Goal!" on the Foosball table. 

This picture was taken at Grandma Nelson's house.  Because Bron was scheduled to be out of town all week, Jed and I spent two days with family.  The purpose of the trip other than not being lonely?  Shopping!  Merri Sue and I were so excited!  I have an entire house to decorate and we were both in the market for new couches.  Amber and Leah came along as well.  We shopped till we dropped for two days straight.  Merri Sue also introduced me to Kiwi Loco and Orange Leaf: pay by the ounce frozen yogurt in all sorts of delicious flavors!  We got our fill plus some!  I'm hooked on it like a bad habit.  It's a good thing I can claim it's "healthy!"

Anyhow, Bron's plans were changed and he got into town early Tuesday evening.  Our little family of three took off to do a little shopping of our own.  Two hours later, we were $3,000 poorer!  But we had a washing machine and dryer and a brand new sectional with three recliners! (All for a house that we had not yet officially bought!)

When we walked into the furniture store I directed Bron to the sofa recliners that his dad really liked.  Bron put his feet up and had the same reaction I did: "this feels amazing!"  Then Bron looked over at the price tag.  It was in our price range.  The retailer knocked off a few hundred dollars and it was a done deal.  Because it was a spur of the moment purchase, we decided to put the cost of our new couch on my credit card, which has a limit.  The credit card came back denied.

"Do you have anything on it?" Bron asked.

"Oh yeah.  I do.  Ten dollars.  Lunch."

"You put lunch on a credit card?"

"Yeah.  You were out of town and I didn't want you to know and give me a hard time about it!"

We had a pretty good laugh.  You see, Bron is a die hard teaser.  My plan backfired! 

 Love this picture of Grandma Nelson and Jed

 Watching the football game!

The evening of Friday October 28th, we drove to Declo to see Bron's little brother, Kaleb, play football.  Kaleb is an aggressive guy!  He made a ton of great tackles!  Jed was a trooper.  I dressed him in his snow pants and coat and completed the ensemble with a beanie from Bron's mission to Russia.  Jed never felt the cold!  He sat on my lap through 3/4 of the game.  That's a long time for someone so little!  Jed seemed mesmerized by the lights and crowd.  

 Our Dragon on Halloween!!!
(I'm supposed to be Rosie the Riveter, but it was too cold to go out without a jacket.)

We took Jed to the Trunk or Treat at Kimberly Park.  Jed didn't know what to think!  He wouldn't let us put him down.  He must've been wary of all those other weirdos out!  Haha  However, as soon as that first sucker was placed in his pumpkin bucket, Jed was after it!  Jed's costume attracted a lot of attention.  I have to admit, that tail is a riot! 

And that completes our lives as of late!


  1. you guys have been busy. Sounds like so much fun decorating for a new house though.. I'm excited to see pictures of it when its totally finished.
    Travis had a hard time his first time trick or treating last year too with everyone elses costumes. He even cried at one little boys! I'm sure Jed will get into it next year

  2. First of all, your blog its TotEs ADorbes! Love the photography and your stories.

    Secondly, Hubs and I just bought a house and wow is it exciting, overwhelming and EXPENSIVE! We were super blessed to get it for dirt cheap, but still! Living in a 2200+ sq ft, 120 yr old house costs a lot. Still, we are so grateful. Especially because we had just gotten married less than two months before and had no permanent place to live.

    Anywayza. Sorry for the rambles. Just wanted to give you a shout out!


  3. Jessie,
    For some reason I couldn't find your email address so I'm commenting again here. :)
    Thank you so much for you incredibly sweet and genuine comment on our little bloggity blog. It totally made my day and I even quoted it to Hubs. :) Thank you.
    Hope to see you again sometime. . .

  4. That is a lot of busy-ness! When we bought our house we scraped of all of the popcorn ceilings and retextured them. That was a lot of work! I absolutely have to see your place some day!


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