Yays and Woes

 There's a story behind my new washer and our piles of laundry...

We live in a HOUSE!  I know it doesn't sound all that neat; there are houses all over the place.  I grew up in several different houses myself.  But this time it's different.  I live in a house and this time it belongs to me!  That garage door opener in my car?  It's not borrowed.  It's not my mother's.  It's mine!  That queen size bed in the master bedroom adjacent to that awesome soak tub and walk-in closet?  Mine.  That brand new refrigerator with the ice box in the door?  Mine.  That baby boy sleeping in that cozy room full of books, blankets, and toys?  Mine.  It is my turn to play house!  This is my home to clean and care for.  This is my home to cook meals and relax in.  It's surreal.  We've only been here a day and it already feels like home.  I am overwhelmed with excitement for the future. 

Maybe I shouldn't say that all this is solely "mine".  It belongs to my hard-working husband too.  He deserves the credit.  There is no way I could afford to have all this all on my own.  We feel very grateful for Bron's job and the abundance in our lives!

We went home to visit the Nelson Dairy over the weekend.  Bron's brother, Garret, just returned from his two year mission to Uruguay.  Garret hasn't changed a bit.  He still looks just as tough as the day he left.  (Garret was a state champ wrestler.)  He sometimes struggles to speak only English, but I'm glad he's back.  I've always like Garret.

 Warming up and relaxing in the hot tub!
Call, Garret, Jed, and Me
(The only pictures I took all weekend long.)

If you knew those Nelsons you'd know that they know how to work hard and then play harder.  Well, this week we got it a little backwards.  We relaxed and enjoyed each others company all weekend long.  Then on Monday, Garret and Momma Nelson turned into a couple of work horses.  They helped us move!  It was so much easier to move this time around than it was three months ago.  It didn't matter if all our stuff fit well or if I had enough boxes because we were only moving a few miles away; we could always make another trip.  Merri Sue and I just threw things into boxes.  Garret packed them into the grain trailer and truck.  Bron came home early and the two men loaded the furniture.  We packed and moved EVERYTHING all in one day.  It was amazing!  I'd been stressing over this move for over a week.  My life was in total chaos, half living in the apartment and half living in our new house while we were painting it.  I was more than ready to  move and regain a sense of sanity and blessed routine.  We couldn't have done it without Garret and Momma Nelson!  I am so happy and grateful they came to help!  Really, a simple thank you doesn't suffice.  We owe you guys!  Just ask, we will be there to cane the raspberries, wash the windows, and help move Garret someday in the far-off future.  

Well, it's two days later and the house is still in upheaval, but our things are slowly finding a place and our new home is coming together.  

EXCEPT... I have this brand new front loading washer.  Because we bought it in Idaho Falls, the store couldn't deliver it.  Bron loaded it into the trailer over the weekend and set it up last night.  It's been nothing but a nightmare.  First, it leaked.  No, it gushed water all over the tile floor.  We mopped the wet up with towels and finally found that the pump filter wasn't screwed on tight.  At least it was an easy fix, right?  Then, while running a load of towels (yes, the same towels we'd used to mop up the floor!) the washer suddenly began to shake violently!  It was noisy and scary!  I thought it was going to explode.  Even sitting on it didn't keep the washer from walking across the floor.  I'm afraid it will run right through the wall.  I'm not exaggerating.  We messed with the feet over and over to make it level.  It's level.  We even placed it on a vibration absorbing mat made for our treadmill.  It helps a little, but the washer is still a beast!  I got a load of whites halfway done this morning before the washer unplugged itself from the wall.  I'm just not sure what to do!  Piece of crap washer.  You were supposed to be a dream come true!

THEN, my refrigerator and six foot freezer (hello, beef and frozen berries!) were to be delivered this morning.  Hooray!  I'd been sticking Jed's milk jug outside to keep cool and it was frozen solid this morning.  Well, the delivery guys got lost.  When I saw their truck making its way down our street I ran outside in my socks with Jed on my hip to wave them down.  Then the door behind me shut.  Uh-oh.  I was locked outside!  All of our new doors open from the inside even when they are locked from the outside.  There was still frost on the ground and I could see my breath.  Neither Jed or I had a jacket... or shoes.  I checked every door.  No luck.  Even the windows were sealed.  The delivery men were kind enough to let Jed and me warm up in the truck.  I felt so dumb.  After several long minutes I called Bron and he suggested trying the small garage door.  Luck!  We were in!  However, the delivery men discovered that my fridge doesn't fit into its space.  Bron and I measured it over and over!  We even exchanged refrigerators because we concluded that the door probably wouldn't open.  And now this one won't fit either.  But maybe it will after Bron takes out the baseboard and shaves down the cabinet an eighth of an inch!  Boo.

So here I sit in a beautiful new house... where nothing works and nothing fits.  At least for today.

It's been a bad morning.


  1. So excited for you guys (about the house), but sorry about the appliances, it seems like all of them are pieces of stupid crap these days. Hopefully it will all work out.

  2. Love that first picture! Sorry about your troubles! Okay, so honestly I laughed when I read the part about you running outside and getting locked out. At least you had Jed with you though! Good luck!


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