Here's to Happiness: This Week

What made me happy this week:

Peaking in on Jed to see him lounging like a teenager against some pillows while watching an episode of Baby Einstein.  Then I laid down beside him; we looked at each other and laughed.  It was like we were sharing funny secrets or something.

My mom and brothers came out to help me unpack!  The boys entertained Jed and my mom organized my closets.  Then we went to town and ate dinner at Five Guys.  Thank you!  It turned a bad morning into a good day.

Chasing Jed across the house and listening to him giggle.  I love watching his little toddler legs do their funny run.

Bron fixed my washing machine!  What a handyman.  It now spins as smooth as silk.

Finding dollar bills in my new washing machine.  I got paid!

The way the sun warms up my living room in the afternoons.

Stumbling upon the cutest and trendiest fabric shop right here in little Kimberly.  (Can you say money pit?)

 Finally opening a jar of maple cream from New York.  It tastes delicious!

Bron sanded the kitchen cabinet down an eighth of an inch to make my fridge fit.  So nice!

Holding Jed and reading stories for an hour.

Baking chocolate chip cookies.  A house isn't a home until one has baked in it.  And it's no wonder Jed enjoys helping me bake; he ate gobs of cookie dough!

Cuddling with Bron on our new couch.  We love talking late at night.

 Laughing so hard we cried at the dinner table.  Jed is such a ham!  Words cannot express how much I love that boy!

Moving into our new home and looking forward to spending our first Christmas here.

Bron dusted off his chef skills this weekend.  He is the most practical person I know, but when it comes to food, it doesn't matter the price.  Bron recreated a sandwich he ate on his trip to New Orleans.  It's called a Muffaletta.  The spread is made from all kinds of pickled things, like green olives and capers.  I'll admit, I was skeptical, but it tasted awesome!

What made you happy this week?

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  1. Ahhhh I love happiness! :) So glad your house is finally getting those last little things working!


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