Bron's Trip to New Orleans

The paddle boat cruise Bron went on in New Orleans

Bron just spent the week at a global dairy science conference in New Orleans. He sat in on seminars regarding the latest advances in the dairy industry and even presented two posters about his thesis. But we all know that these meetings are really an excuse for smart people to eat fabulous food and party!

The sights around New Orleans

Bron had a blast in New Orleans. He came home with a beautiful white sundress for me, some Bubba Gump Shrimp hats, and lots of new adventure stories. It sounds like New Orleans is a cultural experience that one must undertake at least once in a lifetime. Bron went on an evening paddle boat river cruise, explored the French Quarter, and ate lots of great food including oysters, alligator sausage, crawfish, catfish, pralines, and other southern delectables. Bron came home raving about a dueling piano bar called Pat O’Brien’s. He stayed till the wee hours of the morning listening to the piano band play any song ever composed. They were exceptionally talented!

But I think Bron’s greatest New Orleans adventure was when he, his supervisor, and her son drove forty miles outside the city to go on an airboat swamp tour! He didn’t even wear a life vest. However, I think drowning was the least of his worries. The crowning moment of the tour was when he came face to face with a twelve foot alligator named Big Al. What an adrenaline rush! My husband could’ve been lunch! I am grateful he came home alive. And I’m glad he had a great time too.

But I'm more glad he is home again.  I missed my man!

The totally insane airboat swamp tour

You know, just your typical everyday five foot chomper.  No biggie?!?

That land isn't really land.  It's floating mud!

Lily pads as far as the eye can see!  This would be more pretty if it weren't infested with alligators and other deadly things, don't you think?

The monster of a prehistoric beast

Ahhh!  I can't believe the alligator is climbing into the boat!


  1. Funny, my brother was just there too, for the same conference! He is just starting his master's program in Food Science at North Carolina State. He's doing some sort of research with cheese. New Orleans would have been quite the experience, I think.

  2. It's look like Bron had a lot of fun... but like you I could do without seeing Big Al! haha

  3. Cool! Next time he'll just have to take you too! Those swamp pictures are so cool! Very different from Arizona!


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