Me Riding a Horse

Riding Redgy

My friend Natasha took me horseback riding last Saturday! I think I could totally become a horse girl after that experience. It was so much fun! We went out to the ring where Natasha gave me a lesson in real horseback riding. I now have a whole new respect for how much practice and muscle it takes to ride correctly! (I need a cushier rear-end!)

I got to ride Redgy, a well-trained gelding who is slightly lazy but has the smoothest gait on the farm. The Morgan horses here at Miner Institute are trained in the English style. Just a slight pull or small command can change the horse’s direction. Poor Redgy; he had to put up with me, a girl who had no idea what she was doing! We did some funny looking circles around the ring. After a while, however, I think we began to feel a little more comfortable with each other. Redgy walked, jogged, and even loped! Yes, I went fast! For a few seconds, at least. I’m so proud of myself. I want to do it again!

Thanks Natasha for letting me come play!

Love that barn


Look at that mane swish!


  1. Fun! I really want to go out riding with Ty sometime.

  2. Oh fun. I keep thinking that Talon and I should go horse back riding since there's horses left and right out here.


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