Cool Dude

I know I'm biased, but I totally think Jed belongs in a baby GQ magazine.
Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Jed is fourteen months old and growing fast! Over the last few weeks he seems to have morphed from a baby into a little boy. He walks and jabbers and plays. If he is awake, he is moving! He makes us laugh!  And he makes us so proud.  I really like the little boy my baby is becoming and I am genuinely enjoying this stage of Jed’s development. I love seeing the world through Jed’s eyes. He requires oodles of energy to keep up with, but he is so much fun to be around! This morning, Bron brought Jed to me while I was still in bed. Jed wrapped his arms around my neck and gave me a long bear hug. That made my whole day!

Here are some stats to remember my fourteen month old by:
(Seriously folks, you don't have to read this because it's all for me!)

• Jed started walking one day during the first part of June (about 13 months old) and has never stopped since.
• Jed loves anything to do with animals, especially cows, horses, and dogs. Hmm… I wonder why? Just kidding. We live on a farm! Jed likes trucks and tractors too.
• Whenever he sees a dog, Jed starts pointing and squealing. He loooves dogs. They are a novelty because we don’t see them as often as other animals.
• Jed can wave!!!  Finally.  It's super cute.  He usually waves good-bye after we've left, but he waves nonetheless.
• It’s become obvious that Jed has my eyes and his dad’s barrel chest. His hair has also turned blond this summer.
• Jed is a ham. He likes to be the center of attention.  When we approach a big group he announces his presence with some loud vocals and some excited arm and leg movements.  He also usually knows when to show off that heart melting grin! Jed is such a good natured kid!
• Jed jabbers jabbers jabbers, smiles, jabbers, points, jabbers jabbers grins.  All day long.  I love it.  I just wish I knew what he was saying!
• Jed’s vocabulary is quickly expanding. Some of his favorite words are “dog,” “moo,” “dad,” and “mama”. And even if “mmi” isn’t a real word, I’m going to count it because I know he wants milk. He’ll get it one day. In the mean time, I’m enjoying what little communication we have going already. It’s awesome.
• If it's too big or heavy to carry, Jed drags it.  Watching him waddle and simultaneously drag something around is hilarious!
• Jed likes anything soft, especially a certain blanket and a fat stuffed monkey and dog.
• Jed is EXTREMELY attached… to ME! I love it and I hate it. I love being the one important person in his life that can fix any problem with a simple hug or smile, but I dislike how much he whines when I have to put him down or leave his side for a few minutes to get something done. Oh well. I suppose it’s just part of the territory of being a mother.
• When Jed is done with his meal, he flings food all over the floor. I don’t think I’m going to win that battle any time soon.
• I am spoiled; Jed sleeps in! He goes to bed around 8:30PM and doesn’t get up until around 8:00AM the next morning (give or take a half hour). Bliss!
• His nap time has suddenly changed from 10:30AM to something later (exact time still being determined) and he sleeps a solid 2-3 hours. I love having such a great sleeper!
• Jed is beginning to share and help! He offers his mushy half-chewed pieces of toast to me and likes to help put clothes in the dryer and shut the door.
• Jed is a cuddle bug. (He knows how to manipulate his mama!) Jed puts his head on my shoulder and will let me hold him. I often pat his back. And he pats mine! Melts my heart!
• I think I can safely say that grapes are Jed’s favorite food. (He takes after his daddy in that way.) Jed can eat six grapes in 30 seconds! Really. We timed him.

That’s my boy! We really like being his parents and wouldn’t trade Jed for anything.  Stay cool, Jed.


  1. awww, hes so cute! and growing up so fast as well. Its fun when you see the stage of them turning into little toddlers instead of being babies

  2. Love the shades! They'll be perfect for Zion's! Can't wait to see you two again!


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