Family Pictures

 {The Nelson Family}
 Yup, there's a lot of us!  And this family is still growing!

 {The Grandkids}
Top: Jaden, Wesley, Micah, Tannon
Bottom: Jedediah, Leah, Brogan, Garrison

 {Flint and Merri Sue}
Kaleb, Mom, Call, Dad, Garret

 {Tyrel and DeAnn}
Brogan, Tyrel, DeAnn, Tannon, Jaden, Wesley, Micah, Garrison

 {Talon and Amber}
Talon, Leah, Amber

 {Bron and Jessie}
Jessie, Jed, Bron

Can you tell I'm a little biased over my own two boys?  Yes, there are four pictures of our little family!  

Group shots are so hard to get right, especially considering it was cold and there were lots of babies and we took them during an awkward time of day; there are shadows everywhere!  But all things considered, I think they turned out okay.  They will serve their purpose to fill frames with faces of loved ones--together.  It was a photography learning experience to say the least.  I have a lot to read up on!


  1. So fun! That is a whole lot of boys to have in one family! I LOVE the black and white one and that last one made me laugh!

  2. I haven't seen your hair this long since you were 10! So pretty :) are you using these for a Christmas card this year?

  3. Holy moly that's a whole lot of boys! I think the pictures look great. And I love the last picture of the three of you. Jed's face is hilarious!

  4. I think they all turned out great!

  5. It's so fun to see all the Nelson boys grown up, I remember when they were babies! Your fam pics are so cute and poor Leah, the only girl!! I bet she is so spoiled.

    P.S. I can't believe how much Tyrel look like Flint!


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