Cookie Dough

Baking weather is beginning to descend upon us.  I made cookies this weekend and thought it would be fun to include Jed in the process.  Jed stood on a chair and LOVED being able to see all that was going on.  I made sure he was far enough away from the mixer that he couldn't just reach in without having to do some kind of climbing stunt on the counter.  But when I turned my back for just a second, Jed suddenly tossed the spatula into the mixer!  The mixer made an awful grinding noise and snapped the spatula in two!  Cleanly.  In half.  Ooops!  Neither Jed nor I expected that.  That's one powerful little mixer!  I'm just glad it wasn't Jed's fingers.  Lesson learned: always put the lid on the Bosch.

By the way, these weren't just any cookies.  They were Maple Walnut Cookies!  And they were delicious.  Just ask Jed!

We had one of those much needed stay-at-home and relax kind of weekends.  We enjoyed dinner with some new friends.  We watched General Conference in our jammies and ate warm breakfast food.  We perused through Lowe's and dreamed about the day we will have a house of our very own.  And we played with Jed at the park and ordered Chinese takeout.  I love spending time at home with both my boys.  It's rejuvenating.


  1. That's crazy about the spatula! My boys love to dump all the ingredients in the mixer.
    P.S. I think you need to share the recipe!

  2. he looks so big! :O

  3. I love your blog setup! Wish I was more techie. Your little guy is growing like a weed! Are you back in the wild west now?


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