Here's to Happiness: This Weekend

 Can you believe this is Jed just last fall?
This picture makes me happy!

What made me happy this weekend:

Cuddling with Jed as he guzzled his sippy of milk first thing in the morning.
Going out to dinner with my boys.
Seeing the look on Jed's face as he watched a man twist a balloon into a little red dog.  So cool.
Relief Society Super Saturday.  I made this amazing frame with an amazing picture of the Twin Falls Temple to go in it.  I also made a super cute "Trick-or-Treat" craft that I am so proud of.
Apples + Caramel + Friends = A Good Evening
Reading stories to Jed and smelling that baby shampoo leftover in his hair.
Baking pumpkin muffins on Sunday morning.
A Sunday afternoon nap.
Bron fixing the flat tires to my two favorite toys: the jogging stroller and my bike.
Dressing up in my fancy black and performing with the local symphony.  We played a piano concerto with this seriously remarkable pianist.


Staying up and talking with my hubby.

This is not an original idea, a happy list.  I stole the idea from a friend who first saw it HERE, and I'm sure this girl was inspired by something else herself.  Anyhow, I think it's great and want to incorporate some happy lists into this blog in my own way.  Here's to finding happiness in the little things! 


  1. I remember that picture of Jed! Too cute! Love the happy list!

  2. Exotic cheeses + funny husbands + 2 toddlers learning to share = something we should definitely do again! Thanks for coming!


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