I Can Sew

I can sew... sort of.

I am sewing Jed a Halloween costume.  He's going to be a scary dragon.  I must be crazy.  Me, who has zero patience when it comes to sewing?  Yes, because I'm a first-time mom and I love my son.  And I'm crazy.  (Or did I already mention that?)  For Halloween this year Jed can walk.  And though he can't actually talk yet, he can eat candy.  I want to see him smile and get excited!  I hope he loves this holiday just as much as I do.  And I hope he gets lots of yummy goodies, like chocolate, thrown into his bag so I can snitch a bite or two... or three.

I have very little experience when it comes to sewing.  I made some pajama pants once and some pillow cases.  And they weren't spectacular.  But my mom bought this awesome sewing machine for me as a gift anyway.  It has only been pulled out a handful of times.  Once was to sew a bridesmaid's dress.  I never washed it because I was afraid it'd fall apart!

But now, I'm ready.  I think I'm ready to learn to sew--a little bit anyways.  Surprisingly, I have more patience this time around.  I haven't thrown anything against the wall... yet.  Maybe it's because there is no one around to complain to or no one who can do it for me.  I have stitched and unstitched and restitched almost every single seam of this costume so far, sometimes more than once!  It's been grueling.  But I'm learning lots.  I can't believe I picked such a difficult pattern to start with.  Really, look what I'm sewing with: a big fat stuffed dragon tail attached to the back!  That's what the directions said:

11. Turn tail and spike right side out.  Stuff tail firmly with fiberfill.  Baste raw edges together.
12.  Pin tail to right back, matching symbols.  Baste raw edges together...
16.  Stitch front to back at inner leg.

I think it might look decent enough to wear in the DARK when I'm done with it.  And hopefully, just hopefully, Jed will be happy to wear it.


  1. I can't wait to see the finished product! I've always liked the idea of homemade costumes and I've wanted to do them for my kids.. there just never seems like there is enough time!

  2. Definitely post a picture of him in it when you're done! I wish I had time to make Shad one this year, but it doesn't look like I'm going to get around to it...

  3. you are amazing! i want to see the little guy in it! :)


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