Our Easter Weekend

Waaay too much personality (see above and below!)

Hippety Skippety Hop Hop Hop. Happy Easter! (Two days late)

Our Easter was filled to the brim with warm sunshine, good food, friends, and family.

We kicked off the weekend at a birthday party to celebrate Levi’s future best buddy’s first trip around the sun. The chocolate cake was delicious! The secret ingredient? Espresso powder.  It was the best chocolate cake I’ve tasted. Ever.

Then we were up with the sun on Saturday morning. We hurried to the golf course for a neighborhood Easter egg hunt at 8AM sharp. Candy before breakfast? Why not! It was so much fun! Jed totally got into it this year! (Maybe it was because I let him “help” me fill our eggs?) Jed ran through the grass lickety split and snatched up his dozen eggs. The thirteenth egg was a plastic bunny egg with a last name on it. We showed it to that family to receive a dollar store prize from them.  Before we knew it, the driving range was filled with bubbles and balls and candy galore.

Saturday afternoon we met some friends from out of town for lunch. Stef suggested I try the tomato bisque. I'm a fan!  It was so much fun to see and catch up with Tyson and Stef and their family.

Sunday morning we clamored into the car at the break of dawn (literally) to make it to our nephew’s baby blessing at church. It was so fun to see the Nelson grandkids (all twelve) dressed to the hilt in their Sunday best.  We spent the afternoon outside eating and chatting and enjoying family. Jed even got to go on another egg hunt, lucky duck.

I played my violin in our stake’s Easter Cantata both Saturday and Sunday night. Playing my violin is a thrill for me. I love it deep down to my very core. The cantata gave me ample opportunity to reflect on Jesus Christ and His atonement and resurrection. I am so grateful for our Savior and the sacrifice he made for each one of us because that's really what Easter is all about.

Happy Easter!!


  1. Do people tell you all the time that Levi looks just like you!! Geez! Too cute! Also, the bunny and chicks? Does it get any Easterier than that??

  2. This post was a cuteness overload! So many cute babies! And then you add in bunnies and's too much!

  3. Ah your pictures are so amazing. That little suit on Levi kills me!

  4. I have to disagree with Jessica, but then again, I have not seen Levi in person yet,but from the pictures, he is all Bron. Jed looks like you and soooooo much like his Grandpa. I never knew your dad when he was young but the way Jed is now reminds me of your dad. He is button pusher and a risk taker and he has that little mischeivous side that wants to test everything. You can see it on his face! I love their suits and the fact that Jed's got cowboy boots on (again, totally Grandpa Wade). Levi is too precious. On that birthday hat photo, is that a little tooth coming out? It sure looks like it! I can't wait to see you all in August! Love you!


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