Scenes from Jed's 3rd Birthday

I awoke Thursday morning thinking it was just another day on the planet until I remembered it was Jed's birthday.  Then I suddenly became excited!  We prepped Jed the night before, telling him he was no longer going to be two years old but three instead.  So when I saw Jed first thing on Thursday morning, I broke out in song.  "Happy birthday to you!" I sang.  Jed's entire face lit up with a HUGE smile!

After breakfast, the boys "helped" me hang blue streamers (left over from a previous year) and blow up balloons.  I didn't bother hanging the balloons up; they were much more fun to play with on the floor.  Just as festive, if you ask me!

Then my mom (er, Grandma) stopped by for an hour on her way to Utah to visit my grandparents.  Jed opened his present from her: a tower with a loop-the-loop especially for cars.  Jed was over the moon happy!  We put it together and he's been playing with it ever since.  Thanks, Mom!  Jed was sad to see Grandma go.

Then after teaching a couple violin lessons, a picnic lunch outside, and naps, it was finally time for Jed's birthday party!  I must be insane.  I invited four of our favorite families with children Jed's age over for hamburgers and cake.  Bron and I really enjoy getting together with friends and Jed seems to have caught that same bug.  When he saw the Youngs walking over to our house, Jed darted out the door to meet them in the driveway yelling, "I wee!  I wee!"  (Translation: "I three!")  It was so stinkin' cute.  He totally got it!

We enjoyed the first barbeque of the season and boy did it taste great!  Jed was showered with presents.  He was more than spoiled this year.  Jed was so distracted by all his new toys that he hardly noticed the brand new bike Bron and I surprised him with.  (I was a little disappointed!  But there is always later, right?)  Then we rounded out the party with a triple layer cake made with lots of love by yours truly,  Jed's mama.  Jed knew exactly what to do.  We had to sing his birthday song extra fast because Bron had to keep lighting the candles!

By the end of the night my house was a chaotic mess, but Jed's party was worth every bit.

 Even Levi got a taste of cake... a little premature.  Hehe

Happy Third Birthday, Jed!  
I hope you know how much I love you.  I am so glad you are mine.


  1. Oh happy birthday little man!! It looks like so much fun! I love this! ;)

  2. Looks like so much fun! Happy Birthday Jed!

  3. Fun! I love how excited kids get over birthdays.

  4. happy 3rd birthday, Jed!
    I love his party!
    Nolan got that car tower for Christmas--it's a lot of fun!
    your photos are just incredible. I'm looking at getting a simple DSLR--a Nikon d80--would that be a good upgrade for someone who only has a point&shoot?


  5. So sweet. I love the simple cake with sprinkles... that's my kind of awesome.

  6. three!! so big. what a fun day!


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