Snapshots of Life Lately

I am really enjoying these "snapshot" posts.  I hope you are too.  I've liked challenging myself in efforts to capture better lifestyle photos.  You know, freezing forever the sweet ordinary moments.  (It's an entire photography genre in itself, in case you're not a photo geek and didn't know.)  I've been experimenting with different angles, different focal lengths on my lens, and other camera settings.  As a side effect, I hope it's improving my photography skills because I love it.  Plus, it's just fun to have pictures of our everyday lives.  I'm sure these snapshots will eventually carry some of my most cherished memories.  And that's what is most important.

 I have a fetish with tiny feet.  These ones are sooo cute!
(Also, isn't he stylin' in those green pants?  They are truly 80's vintage.  My 27 year old brother would be proud.)
 Levi got his first ride in the cozy coupe.  The look on Levi's face was priceless as his big brother pushed him around the driveway.  There's nothing like the feel of wind blowing through your wispy baby hair.
Then Levi thought Jed was the bees knees when he squeezed the trigger on the squirt gun.  Brotherly love at its finest.  Levi wanted more!
After that, Jed chased me with the squirt gun!  I couldn't help laughing either... and then stealing the toy gun and retaliating.  We had one of those perfect afternoons where everything was right in the world.
 We planted tiny fruit trees in the backyard!
 Jed is Dad's "big helper"
 Superman visited our house one morning.  (I'm not sure Jed even knows who Superman is!)
 Then Superman hurt his finger.  Ouch!
 Movie night!  Popcorn + Ice Cream in our jammies
 Levi can't eat popcorn yet, so I set out some cheerios for him.
Cute kid is so short he can barely see above the coffee table!
 Riding in the race car cart at Home Depot.  Jed actually told me to "go fast" down the aisles in the store.
It just felt like an ice cream day.  I asked for a kids' cone at Arctic Circle and this is what they gave me.  Jed was in heaven!  That's a lot of ice cream!  But he ate every last bite.
 Jamming out on the piano with friends
 Jed and Levi have a sweet and special relationship already.  Jed is protective of his baby brother.  And Levi eggs on the wrestling from Jed.  Sometimes they just laugh and laugh together.  It makes my mommy heart swell with happiness.
Playing cars is serious business.
When Levi gets excited, his feet get into it too.  These toes are one of my favorite details of that excitement.
(Bron says I have foot issues.)


  1. First of all...that picture you have on the sidebar of yourself that says about me....WOW!! Can we say goregeous!!!! Secondly, are you trying to make me feel like I suck? Your blog is so amazing....the photos, the way it is set up..the way it is organized and easy to follow.....When you come here in August, we are going to spend an hour so that you can give me a tutorial on how to make my blog as good as yours? Levi is looking more and more like Bron every day. He is a cutie!

  2. They're so fun! I'm so happy they have a great relationship already! I truly hope Rory loves her little siblings (when they come LATER)

  3. Whoa... where have I been? LOVE the new look to your blog! It's SO CUTE!
    And of course I love the snapshots. Your boys are the CUTEST!

  4. Your blog is so cute. And I wish I had your photography talent. I love how you capture little things that make you happy. You will really enjoy those pictures later. Levi is getting so round! Not that he was ever skinny haha. Your boys seem so happy. Good job, mama!

  5. O I love all these pictures, especially of the brothers playing. Your perspective is amazing!

  6. I couldn't resist commenting. Very well written!

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  7. Love your blog! It makes me happy, makes me appreciate the little things and makes me a better mom! Thank you!

  8. Great pics Jessie! That ice cream is making me crave some right now!!

  9. I love tiny toes too! So kissable! Maybe it's a mother thing? Or we both truly have baby foot fetish issues.
    Love your lifestyle shots. Especially of little Levi reaching ever so hard for a Cheerio. Your kiddos are adorable.


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