A Week of BLAH

It’s been a BLAH week.

Between horrific news stories, an inch of snow, a little boy squeezing in as much terrible-two behavior as possible before his birthday, a cranky teething baby, a stressful trip to town, never ending potty training, my waning patience (I feel like I've had too many "bad mommy" moments lately), my computer spontaneously shutting down just as I finished editing thirty wedding pictures, the ink running dry in the printer, and other normal everyday calamities, it just hasn’t been a week to brag about.

But that’s just life. And it’s okay!
We are all healthy and happy and safe.  And that's what matters most.

I did have a few successes this week, like exercising, organizing two rooms, and cooking two new meals—one of which is definitely a keeper recipe.  And would you look at those two totally adorable miniature Adirondack chairs? The boys love ‘em. And so do I! I can’t wait to pair them with our adult versions outside.

These two smiling faces make everything bearable. Life is good.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your weekend.
We'll be counting our blessings and praying for folks affected by tragedy around the country.
Thank goodness it's Friday!!!


  1. those mini Adirondacks are so cool! I love that first picture of the two boys.
    it has been a blah week, but I just feel so lucky to be safe at home with my guys.

    1. Yeah what's up with the snow this week? Just when I thought it was spring time! and ya gotta love editing huh? Your two boys are ADORABLE.


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