My Little Boy is Three Today

Dear Jed,

Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet little boy!  Are you really going to have three candles on your cake today? 

I’ll admit, during the first two years of your life when I counted every month, the time flew by! Then you turned two and time just seemed to drag, or more accurately, those terrible-two tantrums made time drag. It seems you were two years old fooorever. But happily, now you’re not! I’ve heard three years old can be worse than two, but I beg to differ. I see a whole new boy emerging.

I love you Jed, so so incredibly much! You are a genuinely good kid. You make your dad and I bust up laughing.  It’s not just what you say, but what you do as well. There is nothing better than that mischievous grin. You love to tease me. You love, love, love to wrestle. And you love to play. Cars are your favorite toys right now. You never leave the house without one in hand. But you get especially excited to play with friends. The only drawback is that you’re aggressive. On more than one occasion I’ve heard screaming only to turn around to see you as the culprit!

You’re hooked on cartoons. You would watch tv all day if I let you. Your favorite show right now is The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Consequently, you often choose Disney books to read. You have a genuine love for books that makes me so happy. One of my favorite moments each day is when we read books together before bedtime. The awe written on your face reveals the magic of childhood and I am reminded just how sweet and precious this time with you really is.

Just in these last few months you’ve finally learned to talk better! Although you still can’t seem to pronounce many things, I know your vocabulary is huge and you’re putting together sentences of five or six words. One of your favorite sentences? You beg over and over, “Go high! I want to go high, Dad!” as your dad throws you into the air and catches you. I could listen to that sweet happy little voice for eternity.

Which reminds me, your whiny voice drives me crazy! You’ve perfected the frown. I’ve never seen someone’s bottom lip stick out so far. You’re like me though. Disappointment is hard to handle. The sadness and frustration builds up to almost wild and uncontainable levels. I understand, Bud. With time, you’ll get better at managing it--sometime ten years after puberty.

Have I ever mentioned that you’re stubborn? I blame your dad for it. He blames me. I guess it is just inevitable and runs in the family!  You’ve decided that using the toilet takes too much of your effort and time, no matter how many times I change your wet pants in a day.  It often takes an hour for you to eat dinner; tasting something new is not your idea of a good time. You’ve even gagged and thrown up! (Grandma says Dad did that when he was little too.) But don’t worry, stubbornness can also be an admirable quality.

Speaking of food, you're learning that what I make for dinner usually isn't half bad.  Sometimes all it takes is a fork full and you'll eat the whole serving then ask for more!  When we eat fish I make sure to cook up an entire filet especially for you! 

My little boy, you are no longer a toddler but a preschooler. This means you’ll probably be spouting out letters and numbers and colors like an old pro before I know what hit me. You're already dressing yourself and learning how to pray. (It is so sweet to listen to!) You’ve also grown so very tall and lanky. Your features are becoming less rounded and more pronounced. I often wonder what you’ll look like. But I honestly think you’ll be good looking. How would you not turn out handsome?

This past year has definitely had its ups and downs. As you’ve expressed your independence and dealt out fits of frustration, you’ve learned exactly how to push my buttons. I’m sorry that you’re the guinea pig—the test subject upon which I am developing my parenting skills. But you’re resilient and handle all of my mistakes with flair. On second thought, you are just full of life and energy and flair!

Jed, you will never ever know how much you mean to me, how a big bear hug or a gentle kiss melts me into a puddle on the floor. I say this every year, but the older you get, the more fun you become! I will forever cherish your baby days, but seeing you grow, watching you learn, and interacting with you, well, that is the most rewarding part of being your mother.

Motherhood. You. They’re intertwined. And it holds a very special and sacred place in my heart.

I love you!



  1. Sweet boy, happy birthday! I have loved everyday of 3, it is such a wonderful age. I am so sad C will be out of it in two weeks!

  2. Oh goodness!! Happy Birthday Jed!! He is the cutest boy and he is so lucky to have you as his mama!

  3. Happy Birthday Jed!! Great picture timeline at the bottom and what a sweet, sweet letter! :)

  4. happy birthday, sweet boy! and congratulations on three years, mama! have a wonderful day celebrating.

  5. So sweet! Happy Birthday Jed!

  6. I just LOVE you blog!!! Your family is so beautiful! Happy Birthday, Jed :)!!!

  7. Happy Bday Jed!! You are such a cute boy with a wonderful, loving family!!

  8. Happy birthday to your little boy. I have a four year-old son, and I can honestly say that I've seen a big transition from the two's, to the three's, and then to the four's. They do get more fun at this stage. My little boy grew out of his tantrums in his two's with only a very few left over. Instead, I think you'll be seeing a little boy that's more inquisitive about you and the world around him. The "no's" stop and instead, they start to negotiate. Enjoy this special time.

  9. Happy birthday to your little one! I was just on Annettes blog making a comment and we commented at the same time. So here I am and your blog is really cute! Great pictures! Enjoy all the fun of each year, they grow so fast! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

    Mama Hen

  10. Is he really 3 already?! Wow! Time sure flies. Hope he (and all of you) enjoyed the day :)
    p.s...we want to try and stop by sometime this summer when we head up to my parents place. I think we are going up the first weekend in June. Let me know if that works or not. :)

  11. I can't believe he's 3! How time flies!


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