One Year

Born April 25, 2010
9 lbs. 4 oz. and 22 inches

Dear Jed,

Happy first birthday! You are one year old today! I cannot believe I have been your mother for that long. It seems like forever ago, and yet, just yesterday that I brought you home from the hospital. Back then, you sat like a plop on the couch and just watched us with your wide curious eyes. Those were the days I used to cuddle with you on the couch and just stare at you for hours.

Now, only two words can describe you: Busy Body. You can crawl as fast as the wind and have just as many places to see and explore. I love watching your rear-end waddle as you speed away on all fours. You make more messes than I can keep up with and you are hopelessly attracted to wires of all kinds. Your socks are your favorite toys. You pull your socks off to chew on them. Everything, EVERYTHING, goes into your mouth; or you double yourself over to get your mouth on it. That makes me laugh. You know you’re not supposed to play on the stairs, but if the gate is down, you scurry halfway up as fast as your short legs will allow. That’s when you turn around and wait for Dad or me to come get you. And you just smile and squeal in delight! When we read, I like watching your chubby little finger touch your favorite things. You love baths and you love food. However, vegetables have completely lost their appeal these last few weeks as you have discovered the world has better flavors to offer. You are learning to talk and imitate sounds. You can say “dah” for dog, but you also say it for your cow. You love games, especially peekaboo. You love to rough-house in the evenings and enjoy being tickled and chased. On top of all that, I must mention that you know exactly how to smile and flirt with anybody who gives you attention. You are so cute!

I love being your mother. I have discovered that the more you grow the more fun you become. I enjoy exploring the world through your innocent eyes. Life with you has been hilarious, eye-opening, and rewarding. I cherish every hug and every slobber kiss. I wish I could wrap them up and save them. You are such a good baby boy and always so happy.

Words cannot describe my love for you. This kind of love comes from deep within me and is unconditional. It makes me vulnerable to be hurt, but opens my whole soul to joy! You are my sunshine, Jed. You have changed my life forever. I am so glad you belong to me. Thanks for making us a family.

Love Always,

April 25, 2011
21 lbs and 31 inches


  1. Happy birthday Jed!! You need to move here so I won't miss another birthday. You're such a great mom Jess! And a lot more relaxed than u think u are. He is a very lucky spoiled boy! Eat lots of cake for me!

  2. Happy Birthday Jed! You are definitely one very special little boy!

  3. Sweet! Happy Birthday to the little man!

  4. Happy Birthday Jed!! I can't believe how fast his first year went. I love the letter and I bet he will enjoy it for years to come too.

  5. What a sweet letter to you bubby! Print that out woman! :) I love him and he is getting so big! :)

  6. i got the pics!! will give them to you tonight! ^^


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