Spring Fever

Spring has finally arrived!  (Well, mostly.  I am so sick of these overcast skies and rain!)  We've been outside every chance we get.

Isn't that an awesome stroller? My friend gave it to me. I'm so lucky.
Jed looks like a monster next to Karina.

Jed's favorite toys are his cow and this horse. I'm not surprised with all our visits to the farm. 
I'm proud, actually.

Jed is twitterpated with this tiny girl

I babysit this little gal two times a week.  She's eleven weeks old.  Isn't she beautiful?  Jed seems to think so.  He gave her some sweet slobbery kisses.  I've been working with him to be more gentle.  At first I was a little overwhelmed with two babies in the house, but I'm getting better with practice.  It's just BUSY!  However, I must admit, it's super fun to hold such a tiny baby again. 

Note: Maybe someday I will get a life and quite posting so often, but for now, this blog is entertainment and a place to put my many pictures that I will probably never print.  So bear with me.


  1. Please don't stop posting often! I check every couple of days for new posts, so I'm always excited when there is one! And, that's cool that you get to babysit another baby. I'm looking forward to having mine, but scared to death too!


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