Our Trip Home: Part 3

Jed with his Great-Grandparents

Finally, last but certainly not least, the last part of our three week trip!

After spending a memorable week with the Nelson family in Idaho, Bron had to attend a conference in Reno. So while Bron got his head back in the game of reality, Jed and I got to spend another week playing with my family in Utah.

It was a mini family reunion! My mom and little brothers picked us up. My sister and her husband drove 13 hours from Arizona as did my Aunt Becky and cousins. And we all stayed at my Aunt Mari’s home in Saratoga Springs, UT. It was a full house! It was the party house! My family is loud. And we eat. A lot. We had a lot of fun eating dessert for breakfast, staying up late, eating popcorn and candy, playing games, watching movies, and just chatting for hours.

Jed used the same high chair my mother ate in!
Jumping on the trampoline made Jed's little face light up and laugh. 

I didn’t take very many pictures of this leg of the trip. I’m disappointed because I didn’t get one picture of my mom and Jed together. My excuse is that I was as sick as a dog; I just didn’t feel like it. Upon arrival, I felt puny and had a cold. A day later it turned into the flu. Jed had a stuffy nose too and I was up an hour or more with him each night because he couldn’t breathe. That was followed by pink eye for us both! “Will it never end?” I thought. Luckily, Jed got the flu shot this year and didn’t get sick with that. And my mom was a great help with Jed while I just felt like falling apart on the couch. So that’s what happened. As great as it was to see family, I was ready for both Jed and I to be home in our own beds. I learned that three weeks is just too long to be gone. Hopefully we will move closer to family soon.

Anyhow, I did feel okay for a few days and had a ton of fun! We visited my grandparents, of course, supported my cousin Kathleen at her track meet, swam in the hot spring pool, and celebrated my Aunt Mari’s 29th (wink wink) birthday. We watched my aunt and cousins dance in a St. Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday and then went shopping for baby clothes. (Needless to point out, my family has many more girls than Bron’s family.)

On Sunday, my Uncle Russ—who is a master chef—put together an Irish feast. We ate the best corned beef I’ve ever tasted! Sunday was a gorgeous day! It was sunny and warm, so we naturally congregated outside.

That's my sister... pregnant!
Meet Carter Wade Thompson.  His real face is due June 22nd.  I am so excited to meet him!
I am impressed.  Prego lady actually got off the ground.  Haha

Butt war!  I remember doing this for hours as a kid.

My brothers: Michael and Ryan

Jeff and Grady
We are an exceptionally skilled family.  We can play badmitton with broken rackets!

On Monday, my grandma reserved a room for the entire tribe at the Brick Oven in Provo where we all had a delicious lunch and could be our loud normal selves. I also got to see my good friend, Nikki! Then we went shopping all afternoon. It was a very successful shopping trip. My aunt babysat Jed for an hour or so and when I got back, she admitted that Jed had eaten ice cream and had his first taste of soda. He was wired! It was so funny.

My cousin Necia with her baby, Traejan (7 weeks)

My Aunt Mari and Aunt Becky with the babies
Traejan, Jed, and Grady
Obviously, there was something cooler than me to look at.

Tuesday I went shopping again with my mom and sister. I loved that. Poor Lauren.  Feeling as big as a whale resigned her to being our style advisor.  I loved standing in the mirror next to her because for the first time in our lives, I am skinnier than she is! (Man, it’s pathetic to compare myself to a pregnant lady!)

Then came the crème de la crème of activities for the week: Pedicures! We went in groups of four. Rachel, Necia, Lauren, and myself were the last to get our nails done. What an experience. It felt sooo good! The chair massaged my back while someone massaged my feet and made them look pretty. I think pedicures should become a family tradition. I’m still admiring my toes!

Lauren, Toes that would make anyone jealous, and my cousin Rachel and me

So cheers to three weeks with family! We are so happy we got to spend time at home and make some amazing memories because there is nothing more important. I can’t wait to see you all again this summer!

P.S. To any family that possibly might want copies of any pictures, just let me know and I can email them or something.


  1. Jessie,
    It's fun to see your blog, and your cute little boy! So, where are you guys at? Since we're both in upstate New York, maybe we're neighbors. :) (We live just outside of Rochester). If we happen to be anywhere close to each other, we should totally get together sometime. Oh, and by the way, my husband wanted me to ask if your husband happened to go on his mission to the Dominican Republic, because he looks just like one of his mission companions. My e-mail is stephanielbradshaw@gmail.com, and I'd love to hear about what you are up to and what brings you guys to this part of the world.

  2. Oh my gosh you were in my neighborhood and I didn't even know it! Its great to see you had a wonderful vacation. I love family!

  3. Good times! I'm sooooo glad that I made the trip up! I just might have to steal some of these pictures and put them on my own blog!

  4. Jesse, I just want to say that you're looking good. After I typed that I realized it sounds kind of creepy. I'm jealous that you were able to get rid of all your baby weight. I'm still struggling with that.

  5. Hahaha oh my goodness. Dessert for breakfast is definitely a smith thing! I love our wacky family. And I loved giving everyone my fashion advice. I'm going to be the next Stacie London. Also thank you for the wonderful prego whale pictures ;) oh and might I add that your boobs look great in that last picture


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