Jed found a chocolate filled egg

Last Sunday was Jed’s first Easter. I couldn’t let the day pass without making it at least a little bit memorable. We invited some friends over for a lasagna lunch and an easter egg hunt after church that afternoon. Teenage twins, Bobbie and Carissa, helped us hide about two hundred eggs around the yard. Then we let the kids loose! That was my favorite part. It’s so much fun to see them go wild! I kind of wished I was a kid again—but that’s why I am a mother; I get to relive the best (and worst) parts of childhood. Bron helped Jed find some eggs in the grass and Jed inevitably found the chocolate. It was awesome!

It being so close to Jed’s birthday, Jed opened a few more presents. What can I say? We are party animals. It surprises me how much Jed is loved by everyone we know. I think we are just lucky and know some amazing people.

Finally, we ended the evening with a walk around the farm. I forget what a novelty a farm can be to those who don’t live on one! It was a beautiful afternoon. We couldn’t have asked for a better Easter day.

Enjoy the pictures!

P.S. My friend, Gina, is a very talented photographer. Some of these photos are hers. I’m learning so much from her!

My boys

The Easter Bunny wears tennis shoes!

No Easter would be complete without a basket

Bron edited the black and white one.  Pretty good, eh?

Having a sad moment

Chocolate mouth.  This boy makes me laugh.

Look at all that personality!

Monday morning...
On Monday--the day of Jed's first birthday--I hopped out of the shower and this is what I saw:  Jed sleeping face down on the linoleum!  Poor kid didn't feel well. Jed celebrated his birthday with a fever that lasted three days. I think it was his way of saying he had partied enough.


  1. He looks like he enjoyed that chocolate! I agree with your comment about being a mom.. we get to enjoy all the good (and bad) parts of childhood again!

  2. Love that messy face! Sounds like you guys had a great Easter party! To answer your question, I didn't do anything. I just put a new background on yesterday and it came with it. :)

  3. That sure sounds like a fun Easter. Chocolate all around! I love the sleeping picture! Those always make me laugh.


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