Jed's 1st Birthday

Jed's Cowboy Cupcake Tower
Yes, those are cow sprinkles.

I am totally a first-time mom. I got so excited for Jed’s first birthday it was ridiculous. But it was so much fun! Since we don’t have family nearby, I invited all our friends over to celebrate with us. After all, a first birthday is just as much for the parents as it is for the baby, isn’t it? We survived our first year! Jed is still alive. Better yet, he is happy, healthy, and loved more than anyone else I know.

We celebrated Jed’s first birthday on Saturday April 23rd, two days before his actual big day. Jed helped me decorate (in blue and gold) and prepare for the party. He was a fan of the balloons! After his nap, we frosted his cupcakes. I shouldn’t have, but I let him lick a beater. It’s fun to spoil him from time to time.

"Hey, Mom!  This stuff is awesome!"
Must. Get. To. The. Middle.

When all our friends arrived, we got the party started with appetizers followed by pizza and veggies. Jed knew exactly how to entertain: he decided to take his first steps in front of the crowd. We baited him with crackers for more!

"Mmm... Cracker!"
Taking some steps.  I like Roxanne and Natasha's faces.

Then Jed opened his pile of gifts. The kid took home a good haul. Once the tractors and animals were opened, however, it was all over—Jed wanted to play with them! I can’t believe all the great stuff our friends gave him. They were all so generous!

I love Jed's tongue sticking out.  It means he likes it!

Next, it was time for cake. Jed dug right in and snarfed that cupcake up in a matter of minutes. He didn’t even get that dirty! Most of it made it to his mouth. That’s my boy!  (I think the pictures speak for themselves.)

Thanks for letting us celebrate your little life, Jed. You make us happy!


  1. I LOVE the cake, sooo CUTE!!! I like his little shirt with the 1, what a clever idea!

  2. you. are. AMAZING.

    end of story.

  3. What a great way to remember him taking his first steps! It is amazing how much these little ones change in a years time. He is so adorable.. Ive loved seeing all his pictures in his 1st year of life.

  4. First of all, I love the cupcakes! Wish me luck, I am going to attempt to make a cute cake for Luke in the morning! That is crazy that Jed took his first steps at the party! Looks like you had a lot of fun, and Jed looked very nice in his special birthday shirt!

  5. had fun! im so glad we did this!!

  6. Happy Birthday Jed! What a fun kid!
    That is so cool that he took his first steps on his first birthday. And you are so talented with those cupcakes-they look great!

  7. Oh he is sooo cute. I love the cupcakes and the cute sheriff stars on top. I have those exact same cow sprinkles (wonder why? :) ) !!! Love you and your cute boy!

  8. Happy Birthday Jed! He is so adorable Jess! I love the cupcakes! I wish we lived closer! It looks like you guys have made a ton of friends and feel right at home all the way in New York! Congrats! Miss you!


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