Playing with Cars in the Dirt

Upon waking up in the morning,
Jed: "I want to go pay carrs in da dirt"
(Translation: I want to go play cars in the dirt.)

After nap time,
Me: "Jed, what do you want to do this afternoon?"
Jed: "Pay carrs in da dirt!"

Getting ready for bed,
Me: "What was your favorite thing you did today?"
Jed: "I pay carrs in da dirt."

Jed's new all time favorite activity this spring: playing with cars in the dirt.

We have a mound of dirt in our driveway leftover from last spring when Bron ordered several yards of it.  We just might have to order more!  (Just kidding.  Sort of.)

Yesterday afternoon, I sat in the dirt with a car truck in hand.  Getting down there, I could suddenly see why playing with cars in the dirt can be so much fun.  Little rocks magically became giant boulders and loose dirt unexpectedly became a landslide!  Jed and I played together.  When my truck got "stuck" Jed's truck towed mine out.  We crashed.  We climbed steep hills and slid down rocky crevasses.

Playing with cars in the dirt was the best part of my day too!

Thank heaven for little boys.  I love you, Jed! 

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  1. Jed looks so grown up here. Time is flying by. Thanks for sharing all these great pics.


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