Saturday Night Sweetness

Dear Jed,

Your dad has been gone for the last four days on a trip to Indiana.  Work has made him very busy these days.  And while I'm grateful he's able to provide for all of our needs and more, we both miss him immensely when he's gone.  You and I both prefer him around.  Why is it that you quit sleeping through the night when your dad's away, huh?  You get to sleep in but I don't.  I'm jealous.  And a little cranky.

Overall, I think we've made the most of our time without Dad.  We've played outside and hung out with friends.  (Thank goodness for friends!)  We even made some delicious chocolate peanut butter cookies.  But my favorite part happened tonight.

I let you stay up late to watch the movie Brave with me.  We ate popcorn together.  And then we topped it off with ice cream.  "Cream, cream!" you exclaimed.  You hardly ever get to eat ice cream; it's a special treat because your dad and I are selfish and save it for ourselves.  Then when our tummies were full, I pulled a blanket over our legs and we snuggled together on the couch.  I felt your whole body tense up when the ugly black bear made its debut on screen.  I heard you laugh at the silly parts.  And afterwards, we almost had a real conversation about the movie.

Jed, I looked at you tonight and couldn't believe how big you are getting!  You are growing so tall and your features are looking so grown up.  It makes me a little sad, but also very proud.  My heart swells to capacity just looking at you sometimes.  The words I would choose to describe these last {nearly} three years with you would be: wonderful growing pains.  I am a mother because of you, Jed.  I've had to learn and stretch and grow as a person; you've changed me from the inside out!  But I wouldn't change a thing.  There will always be a tender spot in my heart for you.  Just smile that sweet smile and I will melt to a puddle on the floor.  You know it!

Thanks for being my little buddy.  You've been a lot of fun since the very beginning.  Let's do this again sometime.


P.S.  Who else is loving this new blog layout?!  I'm thrilled!  


  1. jessie I'm loving the new layout! It's beautiful! & this was a really cute post!!

  2. Make me cry from cuteness!!! He's such a cute boy and you're a great mom!!!

  3. I love the new design. It looks great!

  4. Awww so tender! No other love like a mommy for her son.

    p.s. LOVE the new design!


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