::  Ladies and Gentlemen, I think it's official: Levi can crawl!  He army crawls forward now and is even beginning to move on his hands and knees.  It makes me happy for him.  Levi is going to be getting really busy really fast!

::  Someone's first two teeth made their debut (Hint: It's Levi!)

::  Saturday's solution for a bored mama who literally hadn't left the house in three days was a shopping trip to town.  Bron needed some new pairs of jeans and I just happened to find the perfect pair of wedges for summer!

::  Both the boys were outgrowing their car seats, so we bought Jed a new one and upgraded Levi to the one Jed had been using (it can be backwards facing too).  Why do they make car seats so big?  My kids look like they're ready for a rocket trip to the moon when they're all strapped in.

::  We happened to run into our neighbors at the grocery store and decided to go out on a double family dinner date together.  As natives to the area, they introduced us to La Casita.  I think I am officially hooked on it like a bad habit.  Chips and salsa + delicious fish tacos + low price tag = my new favorite place to eat.  Thanks, Amy!  If you ever have a hankering for La Casita, I'm totally game.

::  We stayed up till 1AM with those same friends.  We watched a movie and talked and talked.  (Their girls crashed on our living room couch.)  We're so glad to have friends like them!      

Crawling and teeth!


Church has always been one of my favorite parts of my weekend.  It's my reset button for the week.  If on occasion I miss too many Sunday meetings, I start to feel lost in this big thing we call life.  There have been so many Sundays I haven't felt like going to church, but force myself to get up and go anyway.  Most of the time, something pricks my soul and I know that church is exactly where I needed to be that day.  Church is my weekly pick-me-up, so to speak.

And so, yet again, I am glad I went to church yesterday.  Lately, I feel like my life has been spinning out of control.  My priorities aren't aligned.  Among a list of other personal shortcomings I won't mention here, I've been wasting precious time on the internet and I don't like how short my patience has been with my sweet toddler.  I've fallen into some bad habits.  Hearing a few talks on Sunday inspired me to come home and make a list of goals to realign my life and help myself become just a tad bit better.  After talking through a few things with Bron, I wrote my goals down on a couple of 3x5 cards and taped them next to my bathroom mirror where I can see them several times a day.

I hope it helps.  I am ready for some changes.  It's spring and time to dust out those cobwebs, including the ones cluttering my simple little life! 

So wish me luck!  I really hope to start seeing/feeling some differences around here.

Do you have any goals you'd like to work on?   


  1. Yay Yay Yay! I am not sure if i want Mack crawing or not. I need to child proof my home for sure. I am getting a little worried because Mack hasn't cut any teeth, but it looks like your little guy just did so I probably don't have anything to worry about huh? I am definitely ready for spring too!

  2. You aren't alone. I completely felt like church was for me on Sunday too, and pretty much for the same reasons- I need to realign my priorities and find some extra patience for my independent 3 year old. So often I lose track of how important families are, and how small and innocent my children are, even if my buttons get pushed over, and over, and over...

  3. I feel the same way recently. I get so short fused with the boys and feel terrible about it! I have definitely taken a little blogging break this sweet adn tried to recharge and be ready for them in the afternoons!

    Also, Levi is too stinkin' cute. I love the Army crawling phase!


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