The Anecdote to Mommy Guilt

Do you occasionally suffer from Mommy Guilt? If you’re a mother, I’ll bet you’re raising your hand. It’s simply a part of motherhood territory.

At the end of the day I sometimes find myself wondering if I was enough for my children. Did they get enough attention? Am I teaching them what they need to know? I analyze how I handled my {naughty} toddler. I beat myself up for using the television as a babysitter. I feel like I come up short as a mother more often than not.

But the good news is, I have an ANECDOTE! (An anecdote that works really well for me anyway.)  It’s simply known as quality time together.

About two years ago when my oldest boy had just turned one, I noticed that I had spent an entire day with him but was never really there.   I fed him, changed him, read him some books, and went for a walk.  As evening approached, I realized I had never really connected with my son all day long.  Even when we played together, my mind wandered. I kept thinking of the list of things that needed to be done, something I read, thought about a friend, or what was coming up that weekend. I had a hard time clearing my mind and concentrating solely on my little boy.

That’s when I decided then and there to try to be present—in both mind and body—for at least a few minutes each day.  I made it a point to really play with Jed; to interact, to make him laugh and see his eyes light up because little children live in the moment.   They become completely absorbed with what is in front of them.  And I want to be a part of that.

Over the last few years I’ve learned that when mommy guilt starts to rear its ugly head, I need to put my “to-do” list on hold.  I’ve learned to stop what I’m doing and get down on the floor with my little ones.  I like to bring out the play dough or crayons.   I like chasing my toddler around the couch.  I like putting on shoes and heading out the back door to play outside.  And as spring debuts and the weather warms up, the list of things I can do with my children is growing.  I am so excited!

A friend once told me, “Your children won’t remember how clean their home was, but they will remember how much time you spent with them.”  That statement has stayed with me.

I know that when I’m spending quality time with my children—taking in their smiling faces and giving them the best I have to offer—I am doing my job as a mother.  My children are getting exactly what they need.  I feel good from the inside out.  And at the end of the day it is I am enough.    

Hope you have a Happy Easter Weekend!
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  1. Cute post! Thanks for sharing. Not a Mom yet, but I will read it for future reference! Darling blog..

  2. So cool that you got featured! You are awesome, and you look great!

  3. Love the dress Jessie!!!! Oh and Levi is cute also:)

  4. i'll check it out! (and don't beat yourself up. it's clear you're a wonderful mother and your boys love you to pieces!)


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