The Weekend Anna Came to Visit Idaho

This last weekend we were reunited with one of our favorite pieces of our former life in New York: Anna!  Anna is one of our most beloved friends.  She is sweet and thoughtful and the kind of person that makes me want to be a little better.  It felt so good to see her again!  I'd been counting down the days to her arrival for a full month.  Really, I was so excited!

Anna flew in to Boise, Idaho with a group from Miner Institute on Saturday afternoon.  Miner is the research farm where Bron did his thesis and received his Master's degree.  Miner asked Bron if he would show them some dairies that he now works with as an educational opportunity for their group of undergrads on Monday.  Lucky us, that meant we had an entire day and a half to steal Anna away for some fun!

We met in the hotel lobby downtown.  Oh, it was the best squeeze I've received in a long time!  Anna recognized Jed, of course, but hardly knew him he's grown so much!  Though it's been a year and a half, she kept saying it didn't feel like she'd left Chazy.  Our friendship picked up right where we left off.

Bron and I took it upon ourselves to be Anna's official Idaho tour guides.  Although Boise isn't our stomping grounds, we still know the ropes and how to have a good time.  There are a lot of things unique to the West that aren't back East and vice versa. 

Idaho Steelheads vs. Utah Grizzlies = Awesome Game Night
I think we snagged some of the best seats in the house: first balcony, first row.  We had a footrest and nothing to interrupt our view.
Bron's fake smile.  Picture pooper.

Saturday's Highlights:

::  Picking Anna up!  She rode in the truck and read Jed a brand new book she brought with her.  Jed was mesmerized.
::  Saw a few local dairies.  Anna loved the snow-capped "mountains"
::  Dropped the kids off with my mom and went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  Anna and I shared an entree so that we'd have enough room for dessert!  Rich and delicious.
::  A Steelheads Game!  It was an exciting game that became quite heated.  The teams went into overtime and then the Steelheads won the shootout.  Suhweet!  There was so much energy in the arena that night, it was contagious.

Anna behind her lens.  It's so much fun to have another photography happy person around.
Showing off my new yellow skinny jeans I found at Gap for $15.  Yes, a steal.  Best of all, they're comfortable AND flattering, a rare combination.
Real friends love your children too.

Sunday's Highlights:

::  Our family went to church in the morning.  Then we decided to take a break from our normal Sunday activities and take advantage of the time we had with Anna.
::  We introduced Anna to Cafe Rio for lunch
::  Walked around Cabela's.  We saw some giant stuffed animals and watched the fish eat.
::  Shopping at the mall!  Anna found an adorable spring dress, Bron found a steal on a winter coat, and I scored some colored jeans.
::  Levi ate half of my fruit smoothie
::  Took a leisurely walk around the green belt of the Boise river.  Though it was sunny it was still pretty cold, but refreshing nonetheless.
::  Introduced Anna to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory caramel apples
::  Spent time at my mom's house just hanging out and enjoying Jed's silliness

If you're wondering where Jed was for two days, he was with his grandma and two uncles having the time of his life.  He loooves playing at Grandma's house!  Grandma spoils him with sugar and something like six stories at bedtime.  
Thank you, Mom!  You helped make our time with Anna so much more relaxing.

My heart still feels happy just thinking about the weekend.  I'm also trying to pace myself with all the maple candies, maple cream, and maple syrup given to us as gifts.  My taste buds have died and gone to heaven.  Thanks for coming to visit, Anna!  I hope we get to see you again soon.

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