Easter Season

I am so happy we celebrate Easter. I love everything about it: the first buds of spring, the colored eggs and candy, the adorably cute chicks and bunnies, and excited little children all dressed up in their Sunday best. It’s simply fun! It represents life in all its best forms.

But I’m also grateful. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to reflect on our Savior’s life: His birth, His ministry, and most importantly, the atonement and His resurrection.

This year I’m participating in our Stake’s Easter Cantata: an hour long medley of songs sung by a choir and accompanied by an orchestra (that’s where my violin skills come in) to honor our Savior Jesus Christ. Last night at practice (when I wasn’t playing, of course) I sat with my eyes glued to the rotating pictures of Christ that had been prepared to go along with the music. The pictures combined with what I was hearing had a surprisingly powerful effect. I felt my eyes well up with tears more than once.

As I sat contemplating the atonement, I remembered a trip I once took as a teenager to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. I learned some horrifying facts that still haunt me to this day. For instance, Hitler experimented on pregnant women. He tied their knees together during labor. The pain for these women became so intense that they bled through the pores at their temples before dying.

It lends some perspective on the atonement, doesn’t it.

Fortunately, Easter is about celebrating the miracle of Christ’s resurrection! It’s about rejoicing in the fact that our elder brother overcame the world so that I—and you too—can live with our Heavenly Father again, to have all that He has, to be reunited with our loved ones forever.

I can only imagine the peace and joy we will feel.
The very thought makes me want to be a better person, a better wife, a better mother.
It makes me look forward to that day when everything will be made right.
And that right there is the very essence of the gospel. I believe it with all my heart and soul.

Happy Easter!


  1. Great post! What Easter is all about :)

  2. You have a beautiful testimony. I am so blessed to have you in my life.


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