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I feel like we've been on the go a lot lately.  We've been running errands in town, hanging out at the DMV (I loathe that place), and best of all, going to visit family and friends across the state.

By the way, we just spent thee most wonderful weekend with our sweet friend, Anna!  It was so much fun and sooo good to see her.  (An entire post on that is coming soon.)

Anyway, as I was running around the house quickly gathering all the things I need for a day out with my two little boys in tow I thought, "Is this ridiculous?  Do I really need all this stuff?"  So I pulled it all out to analyze.  And then I thought I'd snap a few pictures while I was at it to share.  I love peeking at how other people do things and gleaning ideas.  Anyhow, perhaps this will serve as a reminder of just how crazy these days with little children are!

My diaper bag seems to be in a state of constant rotation; it evolves as my child grows and his needs change.  Jed is almost three years old and isn't a baby anymore, but I still find myself packing a few things for him too.  After all, it is nearly a thirty minute drive into town and I'd rather have a content passenger than a grumpy one.

My Diaper Bag's Essential Items:

1. A blanket for Levi.  It's cold outside!  Plus, it doubles as a nursing cover.
2. Three diapers for Levi
3. Plenty of wipes
4. Three pull-ups for Jed
I'm not brave enough to go to town by myself with Jed in just his underwear.  We're still working on the whole pooping in the toilet thing, so I'd just rather not deal with the headache.  Perhaps this summer...
5. Wallet and Cell Phone
6. Water bottle.  I'm a nursing mama, enough said. 
Sometimes I bring another water for Jed.  And sometimes we just share.  Gross?  Maybe a little.
7. Snacks!  Gerber puffs for Levi. Pretzels and fruit snacks for Jed. Cheese for me.
8. Toys!  Levi is a fan of something hooked to his car seat.
9. An extra outfit for Levi, just in case.
10. Changing pad.  I also have a plastic bag inside my diaper bag for messy clothing, etc.
11. Hand sanitizer
12. Chapstick
13. Lotion
14. Baby nail clippers and files
15. Hair ties
I should probably carry a pen too!

And last but certainly not least...
A cup holder packed to the brim with hot wheels.
Do NOT leave home without some.

Note: On Sundays I carry even more!  Cards and games to keep Jed quiet are a must.


This really is the coolest spoon ever!  Yes, it's squeezable.  Such a convenient lifesaver!  If I know I'm going to be out for quite a while, I bring this little baby with me filled with apple sauce or some other pureed vegetable.

So that's it!  It amazingly all carries nicely in my trusty diaper bag.  I'm not sure what I'll do when the day finally arrives when I don't need one anymore!  I'll be feeling light, naked, and unprepared for a while... and maybe even missing those tiny hands that need so much.


  1. Looks a lot like what I carry around too. About Jed, it took me a while to feel comfortable to take Hailey out to the store in underwear. I would change her into pull ups before going out too. He'll get there. When he does, make sure to pack an extra pair of undies and pants for him. I learned the hard way. Poor Hailey had to walk around Target in wet pants and underwear because I didn't have any extra, and I wasn't about to buy her any new ones while there- that would just encourage her to have accidents, because then she would get new clothes!

  2. you are so smart and practical to bring along only three diapers! i'm always so paranoid of evie having a blowout (or two, or three!)—even though that hasn't happened in something like 8 months—so i bring a giant stack of diapers with us everywhere. we usually end up using just one, or none.


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