March Happenings

::  We are 99% positive Jed flushed a pair of his underwear down the toilet

::  I signed three different checks this month each reading well over a thousand dollars.  Thanks to a nice tax return, we have officially paid off our debts!  {Everybody clap and cheer!}  Well, free of all our debts except the mortgage, the car, and the new heat pump we had installed this past Fall.  But the new lack of monthly bills feels liberating, nonetheless!

::  We finally lowered Levi's crib mattress a few inches, just to be safe.  My baby's growing up!  He's beginning to rock on all fours.  We'll have a crawler around here before we know it.

::  I've opened the windows on a few occasions to let in some fresh air.  Hearing birds chirping is music to my ears!

::  I got my hair highlighted and cut off a few inches.  I love my new locks.  It feels great!

::  We had a water fight in the bathroom.  There was water on the ceiling!  It began when we were bathing the boys and Bron decided to spray me with the little toy whale.  I went into the closet to change my wet clothes when Bron came after my bare naked bum.  After screaming and running around like a crazy woman, I sought refuge in the warm tub with my children.  They thought it was funny.  Then they laughed hysterically when Bron sprayed me with the cold shower water.  Jed did help my cause by throwing some toys at his dad, but I think Bron won.  Bron always wins a water fight.

::  I'm adding furniture/redecorating the house.  One thing just led to another... and now I'm busting at the seams, I'm so excited!  The violin/photography money I've been saving is GONE.  So is part of Bron's pay check.  Hehe  But there are no regrets.  I can't wait to show you!  (An entire blog post on that will be coming soon.)

::  In case you haven't heard, you will no longer be able to follow this blog via google reader come July.  Yes, you will always be able to plug in my URL address and have this site pop up, but for those of you who follow multiple blogs (whether you have a blog of your own or not), might I suggest Bloglovin'.  
Come follow along.  Hope to see you there.  Thanks!
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  1. So many exciting things! Especially the paid debts and new furnishings.
    Can't wait to see what you've done!


  2. Haha! Sorry for laughing about Jed's flushed undies, but that really is just too funny. And yay for nice tax returns! We did the same thing with ours. Keira actually covered most of the costs of her birth! :) I'm also excited to see the new additions to your home!

  3. That water fight sounds epically awesome!!! Talk about making memories with your kids ;) Way to go!

  4. Its always wonderful to pay off debt!! COngrats!

  5. Spring is the best for those fresh beginnings AND re-decorating:-) Yay! xoxo

  6. Kids and the toilet I will NEVER grasp the connection. Ours have always flushed something from toys, to food, to phones, to shoes. I just don't get it. And congrats to being debt free. I dream of the day! ~ Chelle @


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