We Be Happy Sickies

:: Bron is gone to a conference and left me to be a single mom all week
:: My phone died because I left the charger in the bag Bron took to Reno
:: The boys have nasty coughs, stuffy noses, and fevers
:: We are out of tissues and up to our eyeballs in snot
:: I'm sleep deprived because my babies need me in the middle of the night
:: I accidentally left the oven on with the door ajar and made the fire alarms sound (see above statement)
:: I didn't shower today, didn't wear makeup, and threw my hair up into a bun

Not dance and sing from the rooftops happy, but content happy
(Tell me, when did I become okay with these kind of things?  It's crazy!)

:: Making silly faces and taking pictures
:: Reading stories, fun finger-plays, and playing on the floor
:: Steamy midnight showers holding my baby close--skin to skin--in hopes of clearing his little nose
:: Going for a walk and feeling the sun on my face
:: Pancakes for dinner with real maple syrup
:: Smiles and hugs

I would do anything for these boys of mine--all three of them.  I love them to my very core.
As long as there's some sunshine and my boys, it's a good day.
Get better soooon, Jed and Levi!
(And pray your mama doesn't get whatever it is that's keeping us all up at night.)


  1. get better, little boys! they are so sweet. (i love pancakes for dinner, too.)

  2. BOO! Get feeling better! You're super woman!

  3. Sleepless nights without the husband is the worst! Even if he was there and didn't help out, it's just nice when they're there! And sorry it's been awhile since I visited the blog. Looks like your visit with Anna was fun! How awesome to have a New York friend come visit. Hope your boys get better!

  4. AWHH I hope you all feel better!


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