Bedtime and Snapshots of Life Lately

"Parents, remember that now is your opportunity. You may feel yourself harrassed as you struggle through the days with children, but you are living the happiest and most golden years of your life. As you tuck them into their beds at night, please be kind to them. Let them hear a kind voice amid all the angry, vile voices that they will hear throughout life. Let there be an anchor to which these little ones can turn when all else fails." --Harold B. Lee

There are so many good things one can take from the above quote, but what sticks most with me is the fact that these are indeed the happiest and most golden years of my life--right now!  Bedtime may be a mundane routine if I let it be, but  for me it's not.  It's the little things--more specifically the innocent little things my boys do--that make my life so rich and rewarding.

Bedtime is actually one of my favorite parts of the day.  It's a lot of work, yes, but I love the smiles on my boys' faces when I mention the word "bath".  Levi kicks his feet with excitement on the tile floor when he hears the water begin to tumble.  I sit on the sidelines of the bathtub contently watching my little boys play for the good part of a half hour before I usher them out and wrap them in their cozy dry towels.  They smell divine!  Then it's jammies and teeth and lotion.  And don't forget to fill those humidifiers! 

Around 8:20PM, Levi smiles and fusses a bit.  I turn out the light and bring him close to nurse.  His eyes slowly close and he relaxes.  It only takes a minute before his breathing becomes rhythmic and heavy.  I stare at my baby in the dim light.  I memorize every curve of his tiny round face.  I marvel at how long his eyelashes are.  And I say a quick silent prayer of thanks for this precious little soul that I get to cradle.  What a sweet, sweet blessing he is.

Jed is even more fun to put to bed!  We kneel in a circle as a family in his bedroom.  I grasp his tiny hand inside of mine.  Jed closes his eyes and nods his head, then looks up at us for approval.  He always has a silly grin on his face.  After prayer, we exchange hugs.  Jed's hugs are the best!  Then Jed gets to pick one story to read.  He climbs into bed and I cuddle up next to him.  While I read, I steal glances at Jed.  He wears his thoughts on his face.  His eyes and mouth tell a whole other story; the story of how a two year old perceives the world.  Jed's world is so innocent and full of wonder!  It's magical to witness.  Then I tuck the covers up around him, kiss his forehead, and tell him, "Goodnight.  I love you!  I'll see you in the morning."  I turn out the light and blow him a kiss.  Sometimes I even get a kiss blown back to me in return.  That right there melts me into a thousand pieces.

I live for these precious moments when all is calm and love freely abides in my home.

Because Levi is so anxious to eat "big people" food, I thought it was time he learn to feed himself and perfect his pincer grip.  I roll his sleeves up and let him go for it.  He has done surprising well!  Yes, I still spoon feed Levi his fruits and veggies.  He chows down on oatmeal like there's no tomorrow!  This baby is not a picky eater.
Those pudgy knuckles are so cute!
Levi's first time in the sandbox!  He cried when Jed took his truck away.  I fully expect to find sand in his diaper all summer long.
One of Jed's favorites: wrestling with the dog.
Some photos of Levi from last month I never shared.  I love this baby!
Play dough + trucks.  Can life get any better?
All bathed and playing away in the crib just before bedtime.  That little lip kills me.
 "I run!" exclaimed Jed.  And he ran that ramp at least twenty times.
Silly and cute.  Jed really is a good kid.
I am so happy/relieved it's that time of year again!  Sunshine is my best friend and catalyst for quality time with my boys.

Did you know that I am the only person who can read Jed a bedtime story?  Jed insists.  And if I'm occupied elsewhere, Jed won't drift off to sleep until I come kiss him goodnight.  There's a similar story for Levi.  He is a true momma's boy, through and through.  And though I am somewhat proud of that, it makes it hard to leave him for a few hours.  Well actually, Levi makes it very hard for his babysitters.  He cries the entire time; no distraction comes close to filling the void for momma.

This tells me that a. Either I'm an excellent mother or b. My boys don't know any better.  I like to err on the side of a.

I love you, Jed and Levi!  Thanks for making me your momma.  It makes me feel happy and whole, like I was born for this.


  1. Yes, you were born for this and YES you ARE very good at it!

  2. I love that quote at the beginning. Love this post.

  3. What a sweet post. Your boys really are adorable and I agree that being a mom brings a lot of precious moments. I'm glad I'm not the only who feels like sunshine is my best friend.

  4. what a beautiful quote. after a long day, sometimes it's hard to remember that these are the times we'll cherish most! and i love bedtime, too. :)

  5. Definitely excellent Mother :) Bedtime is so sweet and I love the way your captured it in words and pictures. What kind of camera do you use? I love your shots so much. And I'm pretty sure if we were neighbors, our boys would play all day!

  6. You write so well, Jess! Your boys are the happiest, sweetest boys! I wish they could get more squeezes from their aunt Lauren!


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