Baby Boy {7 Months}

 *My heart breaks a little with each passing month.  Time is slowly taking my baby away!*

Levi, is it possible for you to get any cuter?  I think not.  Your smile lights up your entire face and in turn lights up an entire room.  You are not short on admirers.  It's amazing I get anything done because I could spend all day on the floor just playing with you.  Your presence makes my heart brim over with joy.  I love you, little Levi!
Love, Mama

Levi at 7 Months:

::  The happiest baby to ever grace the planet
::  Sits like a rock
::  Wants to eat everything we eat though he's not quite ready
::  Scoots himself backwards halfway across a room
 ::  Waves his wrists around to get a good look at whatever he's grasping
::  Rolls like a maniac, back to front, front to back, and over again
::  Beginning to actually nap!  He's moving on from 30 minute cat naps to longer slumbers.  It's wonderful. 


  1. ah, sweet glory of naptime! I'll never forget the day my boys got on the same afternoon nap schedule- such an amazing break for me. Adorable pictures of your little guy.

  2. Those pictures are overwhelmingly cute! He is absolutely adorable!!!


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