Skibum Bron

Skiing in Sun Valley
Look at how stunning those mountains are!

This winter Bron has had a lot of fun hitting the slopes on the weekends.  He has often described his powdery death-defying glade skiing (aka avoiding trees) as "epic".  Last Saturday was probably his biggest ski day of the season.  Bron and friend Nick headed up to Sun Valley to ski 'ol Baldy.  While on the slopes they traveled a total of 60 miles and covered 42,000 vertical feet.  Yup, they had a good day.  And yup, they were sore that night.  But they had a blast! 

And we wives at home let them have their fun for a few reasons:
1. Our husbands deserve it and we love them
2. Our men come home feeling rejuvenated.
They are better husbands and better fathers and ready to take on the stresses of a whole new week.
3. Sometimes they bring home chocolate

Next up: Mountain Biking Season!


  1. That picture almost looks superimposed! Incredible mountains. You are a sweet wife :)

  2. Glad someone got to enjoy skiing this year. I miss it! Mom


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