The Heiskell Christmas Party

On Saturday night Bron and I hopped on over to Jackpot, Nevada for the annual Heiskell Christmas Party.  Let's just say a babysitter (thank you Amy!) + red dress + sexy five inch stilettos + catered dinner + a dozen desserts to choose from sample + a silly photo booth + dancing = a super fun night out with my husband!  I love dancing with Bron.  We may have stolen the spotlight for a song or two with our spinning swing talents on the dance floor.  I am just as madly in love with Bron as the day I married him over five and a half years ago!  I love how that works.

Look!  Bron is actually wearing something PINK!  {Gasp!}  Enjoy, because this is probably the first and last time he will wear such a color... until perhaps next year.

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  1. You two are so cute together!! I'm pretty impressed you were able to steal the spotlight in 5 in anything!! I can't hardly even walk in them let alone dance in them, good job!


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