Party at Our House

December is the busiest and merriest time of the year.  We decided to make it even more busy and merry for ourselves by throwing a Christmas Party!

Even though I had prepped all week long (i.e. mopped the floors, scrubbed the toilets, baked the cookies) I was still having an "eat your young day" (you know, like a praying mantis) the morning of the party.  When Bron arrived home, he understood what I meant and congratulated me for keeping the boys alive all day long.  Yes, I am a good mother; I don't eat my young when they irritate me.  I was a little nervous about our party turning out okay.  I really had no need to worry though because the party was fantastically fun!  We are so lucky to live near so many couples who share many of our same interests and who also happen to have young children too. 

Jed helped taste test the cookies.
We couldn't have cookies without milk!  The fancy glasses and red paper straws just made drinking it more fun.

Then Santa and Mrs. Clause happened to show up!

It was both my boys' first time meeting Santa.  (I've just never felt it was very important to go out of my way to make my baby scream at a stranger.)  Levi didn't seem to mind meeting the jolly 'ol fellow, but Jed had a different opinion... until Mrs. Clause gave him a candy cane.  After that, Santa wasn't so bad.  There were mixed emotions from all of the children.  Some loved Santa, others cried, and still others kept their distance.  However, it was a priceless photo opportunity for us parents!

Don't let this fool you: the kids sat on the couch reading books for all of fifteen minutes.  Then my living room turned into a chaotic circus!

We played a game: a race to blow up the most balloons, stuff them into pantyhose, and create the biggest reindeer rack.  It was gut-wrenching hilarious!

Look at those reindeer antlers!  Levi liked the party so much he gave me kisses.

I think we will be making this an annual party.  Perhaps next year we'll add an ugly sweater contest.
Thanks for coming and for being such great friends.  We had a fun night!


  1. That last picture of you and Levi is to die for. Seriously I can see the love and you are GLOWING. Love it!

  2. Looks like it was a blast! The antler game looks hilarious,I may have to steal your idea sometime. I loved your striped straws, so cute, where did you find them? The un-matching glasses was a great idea and I'm still laughing about you "eating your young!"
    P.S. I have been wanting to have an ugly sweater contest Christmas party too!!
    OK I'm done hogging all of your comment area ;)

    1. Thanks! I think a party by the Fry Family would be a blast! You can find those cute straws in any color on etsy, but I actually bought these at Zurchers (144 for $10).

  3. You know I must say I agree with you we need to go on a double date sometime :)

  4. The Christmas party seemed like a success. I love the Santa and Ms. Claus....were they neighbors? By the way, the guy wearing that Christmas shirt---he has alot of guts!! Next year, if you have an ugly sweater contest, he can wear the same shirt! haha. i hope i dont offend him....It is actually quite festive. Bron needs to have one too.


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