Have a Very Merry Christmas

Our Family's 2012 Christmas Card
I went simple and cheap this year.  But there's still lots of love here.  Can you feel it?

Today is Christmas Eve!!!  And both Bron and I are brimming over with excitement!  Our little family of four is staying home this year for Christmas and I couldn't be more happy.  It's been fun these last few years to combine our Christmas traditions and create some of our very own.  And now we get to begin making Christmas memories with our little boys.  Oh, the magic!

We've been doing some fun things this month in efforts to keep the Christmas spirit alive.  

One night we made gingerbread houses with friends.  I got teamed up with Jed.  Between both our love for frosting and Jed's impatience, you can imagine what our house ended up looking like: a heap of graham cracker and frosting.  But it still tasted great and we had a fun evening!   

Last week we piled into the truck to check out some local light displays.  One house even had a live camel that we fed carrots to!  It was so stinkin' cool.  I want a camel for Christmas now.  {I'm only half kidding.}

And Saturday night our neighbors invited us over for a warm gourmet meal followed by caroling around the neighborhood with five little children and two babies (via a large Yukon, of course).  We women loved it, our husbands tolerated it, and the kids didn't know the words.  But the kids' faces and excitement were worth every cold moment.  Maybe we'll make it an annual tradition!  Much to our husbands' chagrin.  

But my favorite part so far was when Bron took Jed shopping to pick out some gifts for Levi and me.  They came home and wrapped them together.  Then Jed happily placed them under the tree.  I am so glad my boys have Bron for their dad to help them experience the best parts of giving and Christmas.

Speaking of giving, Bron is the best man for surprises.  He surprises me every year with the best gifts.  However, he hides them really well before wrapping them up.  Let's hope he can find them all this year.  Last year he hid my book so well it took us six months to find it!

Today we are blaring the Christmas music, even dancing a little!  I'm putting together a scrumptious ham dinner and berry pie.  Then we'll be reading the story of the birth of Christ in Luke II followed by the opening of brand new jammies.  Then it's off to bed with the kids and that's when the real fun for Bron and me begins!  Can't wait!  Jed is going to flip out tomorrow morning.

To all our family and friends, we love you and are thinking of you today.  
We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  May the miracle of the birth of Christ be evident in your lives.

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