The Week My Seezter Came to Visit

My sister Lauren came to visit!  She and her super cute little boy, Carter, made the trek via airplane all the way from sunny {hot} Arizona to rainy {cold} Idaho.  They stayed at my mom's house, so naturally, that's where my little boys and I found ourselves for a few days too.

We're weird, my sister and I.  Or maybe that's just my sister?!  Nah.  We try to have a good time whenever we're together.  I love having a sister: someone to laugh with, shop with, commiserate with, share life's stories with, and the list goes on.  I wish she lived closer!  Perhaps we will have to visit her in Arizona for some sunshine when we're pasty white and sick of the winter here in Idaho.  Yeah, that sounds divine.  Are you up for some company in March, Lauren?

Anyway, here are some pictures of our adventures... in instagram form because most of them are from my sister's iphone.  That thing is so convenient! 

What we did for three days:

::  Played at the Kiddie Cove inside Wahooz.  It was hands-down the BEST indoor playground I've ever played in.  Yes, I'm an adult, but we couldn't get enough of the slide!  It was so fast!  Between that and pretending to play the arcade games, Jed was in heaven.

::  Shopped till we dropped.  Unfortunately, Lauren and I were disappointed with the mall.  (I guess that's fortunate for our husbands.)  We discovered that we are officially mothers: cheap and shapely.  Our favorite stores just didn't hold the same allure.  However, the Cheesecake Factory sure turned our day around!  In fact, I'm still drooling.

::  Played our violins together for a Relief Society event: Mom, Lauren, and me.  As soon as we can learn how not to rush, we'll go pro.  I'm so glad we share that talent!

::  Used our creative powers late at night to make gifts for "the grandparents".  They may have included miniature hand prints and an even tinier foot print.  

:: Watched movies and played at home.  This is when the best stuff happens.  The following is for your viewing pleasure.  Apparently, cousins Carter Wade and Levi Wade can play Heart and Soul on the piano with their toes.  I can't believe that much talent belongs to one family!  It must be a Wade thang.

Love you, Lauren!  I miss you already.

And thanks, Mom, for spoiling us and letting us act like kids again.  
Meals always taste better when someone else makes them.


  1. It looks like you guys had a blast!! I love reading your blog and photos, but I have to ask...where was your camera?!! the photos from the iphone are great, but you always have your camera!

  2. by the way, your blog is soooooo much nicer than mine. You make me look like Walmart and you are Saks Fifth Avenue.

  3. LOVE the crazy sister picture. When we do them, Alexis and I call them ugly sister pictures. Classic good time!


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