Give the Baby Some Food

Friday, December 7th was the my night.  It was the night I got to taste my first solid food!  I was sooo excited!  I'd been displaying all the classic signs that I was ready for some real food: drooling, sticking my entire fist in my mouth, and kicking up a storm on Mom's lap as she ate.  I'm not dumb; I totally get this whole spoon to mouth thing.  I wanted to be let in on it too!    

After my first bite, I was hooked.  Mom shoveled it into my mouth.  I swallowed most of it, but hey, I'm new at this whole solid food thing and some of it got on my cheeks and bib.

I was so disappointed when it was all gone, I cried!  But Mom said she didn't want to give me a tummy ache and refused to give me more.  She said I could have some more the next night.  Ahhh, I can't wait for dinner!


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