Christmas Day 2012

We had the best Christmas ever!  I say that every year, but really, every Christmas feels magical somehow.

On Christmas eve we read the story of the birth of baby Jesus and unwrapped brand new jammies for everyone.  Then Jed brought me the present he had so carefully wrapped in secret with Bron.  Jed couldn't wait to give it to me!  It made my heart melt.  After the boys were in bed, Bron and I were as giddy as school kids setting everything up for Jed to enjoy in the morning.

I think it all came together for Jed this year; he gets Christmas now.  Bron and I exchanged excited smiles as we watched Jed play with his new train and tracks.  We could hardly peel him away to find the other surprises left in his stocking.  I didn't know being an adult on Christmas day would be just as fun as it was when I was five years old.

After stockings and Santa's initial surprises, we headed over to our friends' home to devour a warm and delicious breakfast of fruit filled german pancakes, eggs, bacon, and hot cocoa.  However, breakfast conversation was cut short because the kids were chomping at the bit to open the rest of their presents.  So we came home and enjoyed more Christmas magic as a family of four.  It took nearly an hour to open everything from under the tree; Jed had to open every gift and play with it first before moving on to the next one.  Jed's excitement over each new toy made the morning so much fun!  And Levi?  Well, Levi was just happy to be there among the crinkly wrapping paper.

So without further ado, our Christmas in pictures:

 Jed's first moments with his new train set.  The look on Jed's face is priceless!
 Jed got a stocking full of hot wheels from Santa.
 Levi sporting his new monster hat.
This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it.  This is the special present Jed picked out for Levi.  And this is how Jed gave it to his brother.  Funny thing is, it was done with so much love!
 Bron's big gifts: a tablet and new golf bag!  Hooray!
 Jed looves puzzles, and his shoes.  He won't take them off.
 Levi's very first Christmas!  Just look at that drool.
 My big gift: a Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens!!!  It's the creme de la creme of gifts this year.  (Now I can zoom in and out with a wide aperture to get great snapshots of my children!  Yay!)  I really didn't think it was in our budget, but Bron came through and completely surprised me!  I love that man so much.
 The post Christmas mess when our house has exploded with Christmas cheer.  It's when we all relax and play with our new stuff.  This is the kind of mess I like!
 Still can't get enough of that train.  Pure delight!!!
 Sharing some Christmas love!
 Apparently Jed's cars needed some post dinner rolls too.
Merry First Christmas, Levi!
We sure do love you boys.  Thanks for helping keep the magic of Christmas alive in our home.


  1. Kids make Christmas magical all over again and I LOVE it!

  2. How fun!! Levi looks so happy and Jed's face is priceless! Cute family.

  3. How fun!! Levi looks so happy and Jed's face is priceless! Cute family.


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