Diamondfield Jack

One of my favorite sights in the world is snow on evergreens like this.

The day after Christmas it began to snow.  And it kept on snowing and snowing and snowing!  It was (and still is) so pretty!  We were/are living in a winter wonderland.  That day the snow was begging us to come outside to play.  So we loaded up the truck and followed the Raiger and Young families up into the South Hills for an afternoon of sledding.  Diamondfield Jack isn't just any sled hill either; it has been specifically groomed for that very purpose.  And it's not just fun for kids, it's a blast for the adults too!

 This is how Jed typically falls asleep in his car seat: one leg crossed.  It cracks us up.
 We brought our dog Tyke and our neighbor's dog Hope up for some outdoor fun too.  They tromped through the snow, played with the kids, and chased the sleds.  In essence, they were thrilled!
 Love this picture of my boys, Jed and Bron.
 Jed's in there somewhere!

Both Bron and I thought that the speed and cold would scare Jed, but we couldn't have been more wrong!  It turns out that we might have an adrenaline junkie on our hands.  Jed wanted to go down over and over again!  Our favorite way to run the hill was to lie down on a board on our stomachs.  Then Jed (or another child) excitedly climbed onto our back and held on for dear life as we careened down the hill.  We screamed and laughed and trekked back up the hill for more.  We couldn't get enough.  It was truly a blast of an afternoon.  And it made it just that much sweeter knowing that Jed had a good time too.  It was definitely quality time spent with family and friends.

 The coolest and bravest little girl ever!
 The Youngs trekking back up the hill for another run.
 Tyke and Hope chasing the tube like a pair of maniacs.  They were in doggie heaven for the day.

And where was Levi?  He was in the truck sawing logs the entire time.  I peeked in on him after every run.  And each time he was sleeping peacefully in his car seat, snug and warm.  Smart baby.  So since a post isn't complete without a picture of Levi, here is one from that morning.

Keep the snow coming, Idaho!  We're having ourselves some classic winter fun.


  1. I just told your Dad that I want us to come visit you...I dont think we can do it next year, but maybe in 2014...the week after Christmas when the kids are out of an RV and drive up with the kids and the dogs. I think this is just GORGEOUS, and my kids have never seen snow like that. If we were not going to Europe next year, we would definately be in Idaho. GORGEOUS.

  2. what a great day! in the photos, Idaho looks gorgeous with snow!


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