Five for Our Little Guy

The only thing sweeter than pictures of Levi, is the real thing. I can’t believe I’m the woman lucky enough to snuggle him close every day.

Dear Levi,

Today you are five months old and I must tell you something: Quit growing so fast! This past month you have sprouted from a tiny baby into a big baby. You’re quite the chunk. In fact, your cheeks are so cute and round and fat, they rest on your shoulders. They make for the most adorable grins. You’re also very tall—well, for such a young munchkin. You started sporting nine month clothes this month. Yes, I had to upgrade your entire wardrobe again.

Your chunkiness has its advantages though. Have I told you how much I love bath time? I find your rolly thighs and tiny rear end irresistible! I deserve to be peed on, but so far you strut your stuff like a model for Gerber. That and you kick and splash and smile excitedly. And those big eyes. Wow, they get me every time. Bath time is one of my favorite times of the day.

They say humor is a sign of intelligence. Well, Levi, you must be pretty smart! You laugh out loud every time Jed and I crash his hot wheels cars. I didn’t know a boyish love for cars and trains and destruction began so young!

You adore your big brother, Levi. Your eyes follow him wherever he is in the room and you light up when he gives you attention. One night, you and I sat on the floor and watched Jed make his evening laps around the couch. Each time he came around to us Jed “shot” you with his finger gun, and each time you giggled uncontrollably. Your Dad and I nearly busted a gut.

Along with all of this, you’re also mastering developmental milestones such as rolling over and grasping toys in your hands. I love your tiny fists, Levi. I love how you watch an item with great intensity and carefully reach up to wrap your fingers around it. It’s so rewarding! You’ve found your voice; it’s getting louder and your wide range of gurgling and squealing noises is entertaining. Your toes are brand new on your list of world discoveries. And you’re sturdy; you can sit with support from your arms for an entire minute or two. But one of my favorite new developments is your love for food. You’re a rice cereal eating pro, Levi! (Don’t worry, the upheaval in your pooping schedule is a normal side effect. We will get you back on track soon.)

Speaking of food, you won’t eat unless I, your mother, feed you. That means you won’t eat rice cereal or take a bottle—even for your dad. Ever. You are unabashedly attached to your momma. This creates some problems for any babysitter, so I just take you along wherever I go. That means you’re often the third wheel on your dad and my dates and you’ve seen three movies in your short little lifetime. Luckily, you do very well in the movie theatre. The lights and colors are mesmerizing for you. The Hobbit was a bit loud though; it had you gripping my arms intensely as you drifted in and out of sleep. But you were a trooper! You like being out past your bedtime. You think you’re big important stuff or something.

I love you, Levi! I can’t imagine life without you now. You are my baby and you make me so happy. I say a silent prayer of thanks every time I pick you up or kiss your sweet little forehead. Here’s to another month of happiness and adventure with you!

Your Momma

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